Six Ethics of Life

I found this list of “Ethics” on Facebook quite a while ago and at the time they resonated with my changing and challenging situation, especially the last one on the list about living and dying. Even now they ring true when I really think about them, which is why I would like to share them with you. So I hope you enjoy reading my version of their meaning:

6 Ethics of Life

6 Ethics of Life

Believe, Listen, Earn, Think, Try and Live

1. Before You Pray – Believe

Prayer is something very personal. Our belief system dictates how and what we pray and even how often.  Indeed we all have different ways of praying. What unites humanity when we pray is our hope and optimism and an inner belief that our prayers will indeed get granted. But without that fundamental belief is there any point in praying?

2. Before You Speak – Listen

We have all done this and the older we get the better our skills in listening become – if we allow them. The fact that we possess two ears and one mouth should in essence prepare us for being better listeners. But surprisingly, instead of paying attention to what is being said, many of us can’t wait to jump in and give our version or interpretation before the speaker has even finished what they are saying. Some of us even jump in and interrupt!

3. Before You Spend – Earn

This one is for those who are still reliant on others and expect other people to pay for almost each and every one of their needs. Such people disregard the income of someone who has taken the time and effort to earn the income. When you have not earned it yourself how can you value it in the same way? If you try to earn your own way, you will automatically respect the property and income of other people.

4. Before You Write – Think

This one can also translate to before you open your mouth, think about what will come out. If you have no idea what you are about to say next or if it lands you in hot water often, then perhaps this is the time to rethink. For writers, it is important to consider the damage your words can do to other people and their reputation. It is all well and good to say freedom of speech but this freedom carries with it a strong sense of responsibility. Some things are therefore better left unwritten. It is up to you to decide.

5. Before You Quit – Try

I love this one. I used to be guilty of not even trying. That negative voice nagging and claiming, “What’s the point? You won’t succeed!” Well how do you know that if you never try? It is a constant battle for me to encourage my children when they give up easily sometimes and I find myself repeating “how do you know you will fail if you haven’t bothered to try in the first place?”

6. Before You Die – Live

The best one of all is saved to last. This is the one which always wakes me up. If you are choosing to cruise through life but believe there is a much more fun and enjoyable yet responsible way to live life then go for it! Life does not have to be dreary and scary – it can be as enjoyable as you want it to be.

Reflect and Learn:

Think and reflect carefully on these basic ethics and life makes sense. If you are true to your value system it rewards you with a feeling of optimism and happiness. Find a way to incorporate these types of ethics and learn to live life on your own terms and conditions.

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