Never Give Up

No matter what happens in life with all its ups and downs

Good things come and go but bad things seem to stick around

remember to never give up

 Times maybe hard and it looks like nothing can be done

But one thing you must never do

and that is to give up

 When all alone, despair hits you hard

It’s during times like these that your patience is most tested

But remember one thing, you must never give up.

 The road to success maybe winding and long

It may seem like you are really alone

But this is the actual time that you must never give up.

 Everyone around may tell you that you will never succeed

But you are on this road and in your heart you know the right deed

Dig in deep and never give up

You may experience rejection but you know there’s another way

That’s why you will never give up.

 There may be countless times you fail but you can choose to carry on

You know by now that the road to the top is steep

Pick yourself up when you fall down. Then dust yourself off

But you must know by now to never to give up.

 Give yourself the love and attention you need

To achieve your hopes and dreams

Especially if no one helps you through

The difficulties that befall you are trapping you in

One thing’s for sure though

You must never give up.

 You are your own best supporter at times like these

Only you can pick yourself up when the chips are down.

Don’t even look to anyone else around.

The strength is within you

never give up.

 Find the powerful guide within your inner self

 Through this difficult time there’s just one thing to know

You will never give up, that much is true.

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