What is Prayer

Prayer is quite simply a belief in God or a Higher Power. There are many ways you can pray depending on the religion or belief system you have. But essentially prayer is universal and can unite us as a human race.

Prayer itself is a positive energy helping you achieve the goals in your heart. If you choose to pray for something negative – that would be likened to cursing and is not actually counted as praying.

No matter what your belief system, you will have come across prayer at some stage in your lifetime even if you have chosen to neglect it now. You may drift through life, but chances are when you come across hardship and difficulty you turn to prayer, in whatever form.

Modern research has found that prayer is actually beneficial to your health overall. So when you do turn to prayer, it’s a blessing in disguise as it benefits your mental as well as physical well-being. Your positive belief system, in the form of prayers, supports your good health.

This inner belief also helps you to achieve your deep rooted desires. It can help you to become a better person, more caring and loving towards others. It can help to bring you out of your selfishness by showing gratitude.

How can you benefit from prayer?

Researchers have found that when other people pray for a patient, that particular patient has better chances of survival than a similarly ill patient who has no spiritual support in the form of positive thoughts and prayer. This type of research supports the long established theories of the importance of our deep rooted belief systems controlling our health.

Prayer is usually associated with your soul or spiritual side. It can take on many forms, including mantra, rosary, physical, mental and chanting. You can use language to convey your prayer or simply the stillness or focus of your powerful thoughts. Although each religion has a specific way of praying, the essence of prayer is outlined in the paragraph below:

Prayer helps in the following ways:

  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Hope and optimism for the future
  • Keeps negative and depressive thoughts at bay
  • Reduced negative thought decreases level of anxious and fearful thoughts
  • Helps to visualise and keep thoughts focused rather than allowing them to wander aimlessly

When you are focused, your mind is clear and able to handle things better. In this calm state you are better able to become attuned to your inner needs and even become more receptive to the needs of others. In the eyes of others, you become understanding as your patience level increases through remaining calm.

Prayer is beneficial in all areas of your life. You can choose how you want to focus on this energy. Whatever your choice, you are in control. You don’t have to wait for an unfortunate event to strike your life before you turn to pray out of necessity.

The act of praying can have a positive impact on your life from this moment on if you allow it to. You can begin praying in small manageable steps in a way that is tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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