Overcoming Sloth as One of the Seven Deadly Sins

With regards to the main post explaining the seven deadly sins, the fourth of the great sins is known as Sloth. In the post Origins of the Seven Deadly Sins, I described Sloth as:

 4. Sloth – Lazziness                                                                                                      Latin: Acedia, Animal: Goat, Colour: Light Blue                                                  Laziness occurs when you take your rest periods too far by not completing undesirable tasks or even not doing what you are supposed to do as chores. You avoid challenges thereby avoiding growth in a positive way.

Sloth as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Sloth as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

So what exactly is SLOTH?

Sloth is basically another word for laziness as the description above portrays. Although rest is valuable in rejuvenating your mind and body, overdoing the rest can have an adverse effect on you by making you sluggish and slow. Sloth, although also affecting those around you in terms of you not completing your chores, which makes you irresponsible, has a negative impact on you on a personal level rather than causing any serious harm to other people.

Various Definitions of Sloth:

  • In middle English sloth is known as “slothe” and is from the word slow
  • First known use of this word is from around the 12th Century
  • Sloth is a spiritual or emotional apathy as well as physical inactivity
  • In Christian terms, sloth is a form of selfishness as it entails neglect of the mind, body and soul
  • Sloth is basically pure laziness on various or even all parts of an individual’s lifestyle and impacts others as well as personal neglect

Why is Sloth classed as a Sin and by Whom?

Christianity defines sloth as a sin because it promotes laziness which has an impact on all aspects of an individual’s life. Sloth stops you from developing as an individual because laziness does not allow the growth of the mind and the soul. It also physically slows you down as lack of movement of the body causes all sorts of medical problems and the body to demise in a general healthy sense. Lack of movement has an impact on the mind which can also become sluggish and slow.

Sloth compared to other emotions of Greed and Selfishness

Sloth is generally another word for pure laziness. When an individual is lazy they have little or no regard for their own wellbeing or for the impact their laziness has on other people. In this respect there is an element of selfishness and greed involved. Sloth, when taken to extreme is harmful to the Body Mind and Soul.

Overcoming Sloth: 

  •  Think about how often you are lazy. If it is occasionally, it just may be that you your mind and body are exhausted and you need a rest which explains the lazy moods. If however you are constantly lying around and avoiding chores or the fundamentals then this means you are indeed slothful.
  • Try to make small changes at a time to your laziness and reward yourself when you succeed in your ventures. For instance for your mind, begin stimulating activities that you enjoy and for your body, begin with just moving around slowly and more often such as walking.
  • Improve your diet and again do this slowly. It may be that you are eating the wrong foods which cause lethargy instead of giving you the right type of energy. If you eat unhealthy food from outside most of the time, begin by analysing how you can make the necessary changes in this part of your lifestyle.
  • Remember that with continuous lazy behaviour you will eventually get to the point where others avoid you as you prove time and time again that you are irresponsible and not to be trusted as you build a record of not completing your chores and not being trustworthy to carry out a task.
  • Focus on a hobby that you enjoy and which helps you feel zest and joy for life. Sloth can also be brought on by sheer boredom. If you actively seek enjoyable activities for the mind, body and soul, there is little reason to remain apathetic towards life on the whole.
  • Warm your desire to do something worthwhile which in turn will fuel you to do something better. Improve yourself overall. Love yourself. A positive self-concept is important as it encourages you to keep improving yourself overall. When you fuel a positive desire and a dream to be something better, you find a way to achieve that aim in life.

So what are you waiting for? Get off that comfortable armchair!

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