Overcoming Greed as One of the Seven Deadly Sins

My original post, Origins of the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed as the third of the seven deadly sins and is described as:

Latin: Avaritia, Animal: Frog, Colour: Yellow

Greed is the desire to accumulate more than you need. It becomes a sin when you allow all reasonable control and value to be compromised in your quest to get what you want. It is the desire to have more power and control.

Greed as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Greed as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

So what exactly is GREED?

Greed does not simply refer to a desire to gain power and control. There is a much more deep rooted meaning to it. It also refers to the selfish extent an individual will go to in order to achieve their object of desire. Not satisfied with what is around them in abundance, a greedy individual will go through great lengths including hurting others to get what they want. There is a blatant disregard of the feelings of other people where greed is concerned.

Various Definitions of Greed:

  • From the Latin word Avaritia
  • Consuming or desiring anything in excess
  • Greed does not take into account the needs of other people
  • Preoccupation with the needs and desires the self
  • Concerned especially with wealth although food is also associated with greed

Why is Greed classed as a Sin and by Whom?

Greed is a very selfish trait in religious terminology as it concentrates on personal desires to the extent of excluding the needs of other individuals. It is therefore classed as a sin. Greed is harmful in that it takes you away from the goodness of caring by sharing. Greed gives rise to personal fulfillment.

Greed compared to other Emotions

What differentiates greed from other emotions is that it is ultimately an excessive desire to accumulate material wealth based solely on personal gratification. Greed spears a person to seek possession and own more than your personal needs entail. It is therefore harmful for you on a personal as well as social level. Personally you take more than you need even require. On a social level when you take more than you need you are in effect depriving those who really need the material.

Overcoming GREED: 

  • How can you tell you are being greedy? First of all you need to admit to yourself that you are indeed being greedy. By looking at the definition and associating it with what you do is the first step to admitting that you have a problem with greed. Very few people would admit that they are being greedy. Often they will go to great lengths to hide this fact by making excuses for their excessive needs, even from themselves.
  • Greed is described adequately by Erich Fromm as “a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” If you feel that you are never being satisfied with all you have accumulated then this is one of the biggest indicators that you have a problem with accepting the depth of your greed.
  • Focus on what it is in life that you are looking for to fulfill your soulful need. When you focus deep enough you will realize that the greed you are displaying in acquiring materialistic wealth is not the right direction if you want inner soulful fulfillment. In fact greed takes you further away from your inner needs.
  • Turn your greedy thought on its head by questioning it. Ask yourself where this thought came from. If it is a habit to think in a greedy way, it is best to address this thought pattern and deal with it by replacing those thoughts with what you really want out of life.
  • Consider the implications and result of your previous greedy thoughts and actions and what they may have led to as a direct consequence of you acting on a thought full of greedy intent. Chances are you were probably not satisfied with the outcome.
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Keep trying to fight your impulse to remain greedy. Addressing the issue and admitting to these self-indulgent thoughts and behaviour is the first major step towards a positive change.

Now that you know how to control your greed, practice your ability to share…..

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