Overcoming Gluttony as One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Referring to my original post about the seven deadly sins, the second of the great sins is known as Gluttony. In the post “Origins of the Seven Deadly Sins“, I described Gluttony as:

GluttonyLatin: Gula, Animal: Pig, Colour: Orange

Gluttony is when something is consumed in excess. It is usually associated with eating too much but can be applied to excess of other things too, as opposed to greed, which is the desire to have power over others. Gluttony specifically implies misuse of own body, hence overeating causes health issues as well as excess body fat.

Gluttony as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Gluttony as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

So what exactly is GLUTTONY?

As described above, although gluttony appears to mean something similar to greed, there is a significant difference. Gluttony differs from greed in the sense that it simply means using something which result in self harm or abuse. Examples of this being when we eat too much we cause health issues to arise within our own body. Greed would imply that we have caused harm to another person.

Various Definitions of Gluttony:

  • Derived from Latin “gluttire – meaning to gulp or swallow
  • Gluttony is over indulgence spilling into the wasteful
  • Excessive urge for food and withholding from needy
  • A form of selfishness as it entails, in Christian terms, excessive need of food
  • Also implies selfishness as gluttony is something concerned with the self and overlooking the needs of those around you

Why is Gluttony classed as a Sin and by Whom?

In religious terms, gluttony is sinful as it concentrates on a selfish need for food to the extent of excluding the needs of those around you. When you indulge in gluttony, you overlook your soul by ignoring the need to help others. Indulging in gluttony therefore erodes the soul.

Gluttony compared to other emotions of Greed and Selfishness

Gluttony to an extent is selfishness and greed. But it also differs from greed and selfishness. Although eating excessively is purely selfish and greedy, it does not harm another individual’s health, only your own. So in this respect, gluttony is harmful because it impacts the way you live your own life.

Overcoming Gluttony: 

  • Consider the difference between real hunger and a feeling of trying to fill an emptiness that needs to be fulfilled in other ways. Are you missing something in life and turning to food as a substitute? Find out if your hunger is physical or if it is in your soul, craving fulfillment.
  • Are you consuming nutritious food or simply gulping down whatever comes your way? Before consuming anything ask yourself if this food is beneficial for your health in terms of mind body and soul. Respect your body and give it what it needs instead of overindulging.
  • Do you find yourself on some kind of diet plan that you are unable to keep up with? Associate with the right types of people who encourage you to remain positive as this motivates you to keep control of your eating habits. Create new eating habits.
  • Try out fasting as this will allow you to have better control over your eating habits. Fasting also helps you to become less self-centred as you feel empathy for those who are less fortunate than you. Fasting is also beneficial in that it is healing. Learn to say no to food by fasting.
  • Replace turning to food as a comfort factor when you feel down. Deal with issues such as stress and depression as they may lead to overeating. Have a plan for what you will do when you do feel down. Try a hobby that will help alter your mood. Even watching a comedy, reading or even listening to music can help instead of comfort eating.
  • Consuming too much food is an addiction like drugs or smoking. Deal with this addiction appropriately. Divert your thoughts when you find yourself lingering on the idea of food. Thoughts can easily be overtaken by the imagination which is fired up by desire, followed quickly with the actual action of eating.

So now that you know all about gluttony, you can begin to manage it positively!

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