Having a Purpose in Life

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” – Robin Sharma

Have you ever drifted through life not knowing where to turn or what to do or even who to seek help from, so that you can find a direction and meaning in life?

Do you ever wonder what to do with yourself?

This may be due to you not having found your ultimate purpose in life. In which case, have you ever considered why you are here and how you can benefit from as well as contribute to this wonderful beauty called life? Maybe the following sentiments apply to you:

  • Have you simply taken from others your entire lifetime without replacing what you took? You may now have come to a stage where you feel that something is missing in your life.
  • Have you tried different things in life or stayed with the tried and tested? If you live in a safe familiar bubble, maybe you need to explore other options available to improve your life instead of closing the doors on other available options.

What exactly is a life purpose?

A purpose is an aim in life. It is something that is meant to be. You know your purpose when what you are doing in life benefits other people and simultaneously keeps your soul satisfied.

As an individual, although you were born to be a part of a larger community, you are also responsible for a contribution towards that community which even if you do not agree contributes towards nurturing you in many ways.

Your contribution towards your community is your purpose. When you make this contribution in whatever shape or form, you will feel inner gratification and satisfaction of a spiritual level that leaves you feeling good about yourself.

This contribution in life does not just come to you – you have to soul search for it.

You may have plenty of goodness inside of you, but need help to tap into it. Things don’t always go right for you and you may even make mistakes like hurting other people – something that does not make you feel happy on the inside. But ultimately you know that there is a better you inside there somewhere – perhaps even lost but hang in there.

So what does it mean to have a purpose in life?

Having a purpose in life is one of the most important factors if you want to achieve spiritual fulfillment. After all – there is no worse feeling than simply drifting through life without a cause or an aim. You may think you have done this successfully so far but eventually you will feel empty and even worthless if you are not doing what you truly want in life. It may be a tiny factor – but the feeling of satisfaction you receive is immeasurable.

The further away your go from your aims and dreams, the colder and more distant you will feel within yourself. You may even become listless and disinterested in what you are doing simply because it does not suit you. But your mind has the ultimate power to change this.

You know your purpose when you feel not just content but passionate about what you do. These feelings are an indication that you have found your ultimate purpose. Each morning is worth waking up to. You look forward to living your life with your best foot forward.

Having a purpose in life really does make everything around you seem worthwhile.

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