Going through Changes

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

Whether you like it or not, change happens to us all. You can therefore choose to go through it yourself with confidence or try to run away from it and have it thrust upon you. It is a fact that you are not the same person today as you were in the past.

Neither will you be the same person in the future as you are today. Yet by the same token, you are that exact person now as you were inside your mind since you were a mere child.

Dare to be different

Are you afraid to be different? Change can work to your advantage if you allow it. As we get older, we get set in our ways and sometimes find it uncomfortable if we are challenged. Even though a lot of people thrive on a challenge as it gets their mental juices flowing, some of us are content to take a back seat and watch the world go by while doing our daily chores.

What is it that stops us from changing our mundane routines? We don’t need to make major changes, but a lot of us just don’t seem to be interested in varying our lifestyle. You can sit and do nothing or plan to move with the change. Change will happen either way so is it not easier to just go with the flow instead of fighting it?

Sometimes we are simply lazy. But much of the time we may be afraid of change. We may have accumulated much in life and become afraid that any change may cause us materialistic loss. But change will come knocking on our door and flood us if we choose to ignore it.

You may refuse to take chances anymore. You may simply be looking for a safety net which translates to keeping the status quo. You may be afraid to compromise your security by accepting change.

Sometimes though, change can happen too slowly for your liking. It’s kind of frustrating waiting for that change. But you can use the waiting time wisely by doing something constructive towards preparing for the change. Other times however, change happens too fast and leaves you dumbfounded and shocked. But you are human and have the ability to cope and recover from the shock. You have the opportunity to rebuild a better you from the forced change.

In making that vital change, consider the following:

  1. Ask yourself what would make the transition smoother? Do you need to learn new skills to overcome any weakness? If it is fear holding you back, ask why you are afraid. What is the worst that can happen? You have dealt with loss before in your life and you will get over this too.
  2. Is your mind magnifying the change? You may well be relieved once the change you are anticipating has actually happened.
  3. If you are afraid, instead of waiting for that inevitable change to happen, you can start taking little steps towards the desired results, instead of letting the change force you into a direction you are not entirely happy with.

There are two ways to go forward in life. You will choose to embrace change or to simply resist it. However, it can help you immensely if you set your mentality on the fact that change can be a good positive factor in bringing about an improved you.

If you love changes then you are no doubt excited about your future prospects. If you are afraid of change, ask yourself how you got into this fearful position. Also think about the fact that if you feel secure in your current situation, without the necessary change needed in the past, you would not be in the position you are in currently.

Remind yourself that change can be a positive thing. It can bring about better things and improvement. Out of ashes rebirth and renewal can and does take place. You can use external changes in your life to help you develop your inner self.

Ponder on:

How can you use the external change brought into your life and create a lasting internal change which can mark you out to be a better person?

What was the biggest change which inspired you to improve your life instead of fearing change? Question your urge to resist internal change.

Choose to change your inner self for the better.

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