Ghost of the Past

We have all heard of the story of Scrooge. You may believe yourself to be nothing like this stingy character. Indeed, how dare I even suggest such a comparison? Let me guess, you are probably a generous loving and caring person, if only others would recognize you as such. Ask yourself really?

Haunting ghosts from your past

But I am not referring to helping others or even gifts. I am referring to the weight of your soul, if indeed the soul has a weight. Similar to the story of Scrooge, there are three ghosts who define you and they are more famously known as your past, present and future.

Any one of these ghosts can be the predominant ghost, depending on the type of person you are, you may prefer your ghost from the past to the present one or even the future.

Dealing with the ghost from the PAST

If you like to live in the glory of the past, it must have been a fantastic memory for you to keep it alive in your current state of life. Perhaps the past is predominant in your life because your current state of affairs leaves you dissatisfied or unfulfilled in some way.

Maybe you experienced a life changing event which has brought your downfall in some way. Before this big change occurred, life must have been a whole lot grander than it is now or even than it could ever be again. How are you ever going to recover and laugh like that again? Is it possible?

Yes it is. This is because time is known to be a great healer of all pain and misery. That is if you allow it to heal you. You can hold onto to the pain and keep it alive forever and your only escape is when you think of the wonderful past.

Like this you are limiting yourself and not allowing your inner self to heal and recover properly.

Perhaps you are one of those people who dwell on the misery of your past ghost. When the past is remembered in a bitter way, it becomes heavy luggage for you to drag around.

The past used to define who you were. If you choose to live down memory lane, you are actively seeking to live in the past and thus allow the ghost of the past the upper hand.

Let’s face it shall we, memories can and are very deceptive. The past is always remembered either in a much better light or worse light than it really was. This is because we bring our own emotional experience to the reality of the situation.

An example of the past haunting you: – ghosts of the past


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