Ghost of the Future

Dealing with the ghost of the FUTURE

Finally, this post is for those of you who like to focus on the ghost of the future. In its negative form, this ghost is usually better known as anxiety.

When you stress about an event which has not taken place, your body responds to it as if it is actually happening. The hormones released by the body indicate you are actually experiencing the nasty event even if you are only thinking about it. This is because your mind is unable to distinguish between real and perceived danger.

Threats of any kind to your safety act as cues for your body to go into fight or flight mode. As a result of this, by simply thinking of panic thoughts, you make yourself more stressed than you need to be.Try different methods in order to bring your wondering thoughts back to the present.

When you think about the future it is best to focus on the good things that are possible. Ask yourself why you would be obsessed with something that is not here yet?

Concentrate on how to achieve success practically instead of just daydreaming.

On a happier note and something we could all do with a good sprinkling of, this ghost of the future can also be known as hope and optimism. When things are looking really bad, when you focus on possible good outcomes, your heart is filled with joy. When you keep yourself focused in a positive mood, the outcome is usually good if not better than what you are able to anticipate.

The ghost of the future needs to be addressed for several reasons. It is healthy to focus on the direction you wish to take in life which you can focus on in your present situation. By focusing on a future aim, you can better achieve your desired outcome in life. But when you begin to think obsessively about the future, it interferes with your present state of life.

Try the following ideas if you feel overwhelmed by the past, present and future:

  • Allow the three ghosts to dominate your life in a much more balanced manner.
  • Allow the past to teach you the necessary lessons when need be.
  • Allow the present moment to occupy tour mind so enhance the wholehearted experience of living in the moment.
  • Allow time to think and dwell on what you would like to happen in the future and take active steps towards that direction instead of focusing on what can go wrong. Focusing on the negative will only encourage you to fail. You need to concentrate on what you want to achieve and your mind will set to work by helping to create that reality for you.

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