Beauty and the Beast

I define beauty and the beast as an inner struggle between the feelings of love and hatred, or our ability to handle the good feelings and balance them with the powerful negative feelings. The inner struggle of our feelings is constant and needs to be maintained well if you want to live a balanced lifestyle.

Human nature can be very unpredictable. At our worst we may not even understand our own fierceness and at our best, when we shine, the beauty within us shines bright like a star, transcending even our physical body.

Overcoming the Beast

However, it is when we are feeling at our worst that the beast within can rear its ugly head. We may encounter feelings of fear and inferiority at the most awkward of times. We may disassociate ourselves from the inner beast, blaming other people for our problems but ultimately we know the beast is a part of our heritage.

We cannot kill off this beast – it is a part of us – but we can try to tame and calm the beast so that we are at our best most of the time. When you feel irritated or angry, this beast wants to wake up. When the anger spreads, the beast grows as it is fed the right type of conditions for it to prosper.

By comparison, your inner beauty thrives on calmness and strength. But all this comes at a price. Although personality plays a great part in whether we are naturally calm or not, your inner way of thinking plays a vital role in keeping you continuously calm and collected. People who may be quiet on the outside may have an array of disharmonious thoughts going on in the inside of their head.

The stronger you are on the inside the more powerful your beauty is. It actually radiates. Get in touch with this beauty and allow it the freedom to grow. Nurture and love it, instead of being ashamed of it or trying to hide it away.

If you find you can switch from your one mode to the other rather quickly – how fortunate you are. It means you have the ability to control. Occasionally though, in our life we need to bring out the beast to protect ourselves and we have tamed it enough to use it when we need rather than allow it to control or rule us as individuals – humiliating and shaming us when we least need it to.

To balance your beauty and beast:

  • Tap into your beauty a much as possible by keeping your thoughts positive. Thoughts have a profound influence on your emotions. When your emotions are full of love, this keeps your beauty reigning supreme.
  • Allow your beast to remain dormant until you really need it to wake up. Before giving into your anger or hatred, ask yourself if hating will resolve your issue. Rather than allowing the hatred to grow, consider finding a solution to your problem rather than venting your anger.
  • Use your beast as a form of protection rather than something which rules your life. When you feel angry, unless you are in immediate danger and need to fight your opponent to protect yourself, try to divert your attention towards something more rewarding which will help calm you down.

Remember, you are the beauty and you are the beast. It is your choice as to the side you choose to become.

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