Be Your Own Best Friend

When we are young we are taught to treat other people kindly and with respect. We treat our best friends better than we treat ourselves. We are barely ever taught in school how to treat ourselves. How you treat yourself ultimately affects everything about you – your basic way of thinking which has a knock-on effect on your emotions and actions.

Being your own best friend can help you get through difficult times

Paradoxically if we remain ignorant of the fact that we need equal love as other people, we end up treating other people better than we ever treat ourselves. Kindness begins at home. If we missed this learning as a child it is best to take it on board as soon as you realise and begin to treat yourself better than you ever have and this will result in an inner happiness which will help you through the difficult times in life.

As you have to live with yourself all the time and for the rest of your life, you may as well begin by becoming a good kind friend to yourself. Treating yourself well translates into the real world and you begin to attract the kindness and respect of other people. It is in other people that we can see our own actions being mirrored. We get treated as we allow others to treat us. Show other people that you deserve the best by treating yourself the best in an unselfish way.

1. Show love towards yourself

How you speak to yourself translates into whether you are happy with yourself or not. From thought to speech, it is important to be aware of what is going on in your mind towards yourself. Speak well towards yourself and you will feel happier.

The environment and the company you keep impacts the way you speak to yourself. External factors can easily influence your internal world thus affecting the way you give yourself feedback.

2. Enjoy your own company

In order to understand your inner feelings and desires better, it is good practice to spend some time on your own. This also helps clear your mind of other influences and get your thoughts aligned with what you really believe in. Learn to converse with yourself and to visualise the direction you want your life to take.

When you provide your own companionship, this helps you to understand other people at a deeper level and treat them the way you wish to be treated yourself. You are practising on yourself what is suitable or not. When you master the ability to provide yourself the right companionship, you are therefore able to become a good companion to other people.

Behave well with yourself and treat yourself as if you are your own best friend.

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