Basic Chakra Philosophy for Beginners

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, signifying a “wheel”, more specifically “spinning wheel”. Indeed the diagrams and images of the chakras are represented as wheels of light, the ideology behind them being that they are “energy wheels”.

History and Explanation of the Chakra System in relation to the Human Body:

The Eastern ideology of the Chakra system, (as the Chakra system originates from Hindu philosophy), has in modern times been brought to the forefront to Western concepts and is now used as part of the mind body and soul umbrella term.

As a holistic system, the Chakras have especially been recently used widely in the West as a source of spiritual as well as colour healing practices. The wheels represent healing the human body at all levels including:

  1. Mental Level
  2. Emotional Level
  3. Physical Level

Traditionally, Chakra was used in Indian medicine. There are basically 7 major wheels located in various parts of the Human Body. Each Chakra signifies a certain responsibility. It has an associated colour ranging throughout the rainbow as well as a specific location on the Body: The Chakra Reference Charts give details about each of the Chakras.

1. The Crown Chakra signifies Spirituality, 2. The Brow Chakra signifies Intuition, 3. The Throat Chakra signifies Communication, 4. The Heart Chakra signifies Love, 5. The Navel Chakra signifies Power, 6. The Sacral Chakra signifies Sexuality, 7. The Root Chakra signifies Survival 

Main Chakra Centers of the Body

Main Chakra Centers of the Body

Keeping the Chakras Balanced:

Keeping the Chakra energy wheels flowing with positive energy is an intrinsically balanced act, taking into account all types of issues such as food intake and general stress management. Identifying and resolving issues raised by each chakra is important according to this ideology as it allows overall health and wellbeing of an individual.

The Chart below shows in order to achieve alignment with the Chakras:

Spirituality: Think Less, Feel More | Intuition: Frown Less, Smile More | Communication: Talk Less, Listen More | Love: Judge Less, Accept More | Power: Watch Less, Do More | Sexuality: Complain Less, Appreciate More | Survival: Fear Less, Love More |

7 Chakra Steps to Happiness

7 Chakra Steps to Happiness

Chakras and the “Aura”

Not only do the Chakras represent certain parts of the body but they are also known to be the root of the “aura” of the body. The aura is the coloured light which surrounds us and it is believed that a balance of the chakras keeps this aura healthy. Furthermore as each chakra is allocated a specific rainbow colour, in general, colour therapy is also used as part of the healing process. Gemstones and rock crystals are used for this process.

For an overall explanation of the roles and responsibilities of each of the seven Chakras my next post will show Chakra Reference Charts, dealing with the positive and negative details of each of the seven Chakras.

Further Reading:

Image Sources: Chakra Body image: and 7 Steps to Happiness: |

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