You Are Not My Dream

You are not my dream. You are not my plan.

Dare I say it I made a mistake again.

You are not meant to be in my destiny – it was an accidental thing.

You came into my life and I was damned.

Why so late did we not see the writing on the wall?

I will not listen to your persistent stance.

Not for a minute I will stand

Wilfully looking for you to be my man.

It wasn’t meant to be, I suppose and just like that – it went bang.

Take back whatever you gave me, I need it no more.

Sitting beside me is love galore.

All those times we had spent meant nothing to you I know.

Where did it go wrong? I will never know.

Kiss me once, kiss me twice. Never again you’ll be mine.

Wasted and gone to your fate all twisted and bent till the end of time.

Here we go again I think.

Not this time because off I get when we slow down

On this rather obscure merry-go-round.

I have time to think

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Optimal delight you get in this horrible pain.

That dreaded time of year again.

Hear me out, you shall reign.

Give me all, for you refrain.

The time has come and you shall see

What I have in mind for you

For I shall return – but never to you.

Ms April Showers

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