What is Love? by Aneela Shad

What is Love Poem

What is Love Poem

Being a poet, people often ask me, About this beautiful secret ‘Tell us what is it? What is this love after all?’ I smile and say:

When you offer some of your own drinking water to a thirsty person to quench his/her thirst…is love!

When you bring a drowning person to the shore…is also love!

A tiny sacrifice for someone…is love!

When you have the liberty to disclose all the secrets but you chose to stay quiet considering another person’s vulnerability …is love!

Somewhere when you pick up a kitten that is soaked under rain and you bring it to your house for a little while…..is love!

When a sparrow makes a way into your room by chance and you help it see the way out….is love!

When you share some one’s sorrows, wipe away the tears of the one who is crying…is love!

Sweet words, sweet gesture, sweet talk…what is all this?….  is love!

Love is not just only to be lost in some one’s memories or to sway in his/her fragrance

Love has thousands of colours and millions of symbols!

In whichever colour it exists….it owns me!

It takes a shine to my heart!

It takes a shine to my heart!

Poem by Aneela Shad

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