Selfish My Dear

Call me selfish because that’s what you do

Told me to stay away, that I simply did not do

If the truth be known, we could never be as one

What did they call you back in the day – Remind me for heaven’s sake

Playing with my feelings, not bothered until today

Gather your belongings, come this way

Will you forgive me tomorrow when the rain falls?

The heavens will open and down it will all pour

Not bothered one bit by your retorts anymore – because I am sick of it all!

Love me back or not – doesn’t really matter now

When you are gone – will I be selfish still?

Does it matter for you to be so amazed?

Come with me to my deepest despair

Too selfish … my dear!

Oh my selfish despair!!

Trust you to reappear in my time of pain!

Hold up the mirror and see what is right in front of you

A selfish person prone to blaming others for fear

Your misdemeanours are all true

You will always return to them tenfold

Keep away from me for I am selfishly cruel!

By Ms April Showers

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