Saying Goodbye



What can I say but goodbye yet again?

In endless circles we turn

Looking for atonement for what we have done

So glad to have met you

My initial thoughts were optimistic and cheering

But the time has come to say goodbye

and it is the hardest thing to be done.

Was it worth it for the lessons that were learnt?

So on my journey I shall return

With a sense of renewed hope and concern

Again on this road I turn

What have I learned along the way?

Many things my friend but to love without concern

Little droplets of wisdom encircle me as they have always done

Turning around when I was meant to have done

To find you down but not gone

So as I say that final goodbye

With tears in my eyes I turn around

Only to find that you have already gone

Turning my world almost upside down.

By Ms April Showers – Mind, Body and Soul

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