Now That I Know the Truth

Now that I know the truth do I still want to be with you?

When did you go and leave me and I didn’t even know?

When did you begin to be absent, unknown to me?

But the decision lies with me now – maybe if I had known…


When I asked you to tell me the truth, you lied to me still.

Could have left, but my heart refused to let me go.

Will I be careful next time, watching every move you make?

Or will I move away with dignity left feeling insecure in my fear?


Now that I know the truth, will I choose to fly away?

Or will I listen to my heart and simply stay?

Although I know from right and wrong, my head is clear.

Yet my heart remains ever dominant as if in fear.


Keep away now while I make up my mind.

Is there something to keep me from going away?

For the moment, only I shall know.

Hold your breath and think twice before you turn.


If I let you get away now – is it too late?

Walk away, walk away I hear my mother say.

But I shall stay for I have not quite learnt my lesson well.

Will it bring happiness for you and sadness for me?


Wrong decision? – We shall see. I doubt my ability to think far ahead…

…for it will all to be repeated over again in our futures to come.

Through our children who will not see, the mistakes we made then,

hidden deeply in our hearts and especially from them.


Who will ever know the truth when it is kept locked deep inside my heart?

For now that I know the truth it sways me not from living this life of lies.

By Ms April Showers

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