Love They Say Poem by Anisa Khan

That so called love they say

I possess the feeling of neglect. I feel the anger burning inside me ripping into shreds and worthless pieces

Yet here I still stand waiting for something to appear, something magical, something rare that would urge me to leave and run from this fear.

Far and beyond

I know it’s hard to remember as I don’t seem to forget, I still see the hatred and spilled blood before my tired, listless eyes.

I wish to forget as the others did, but it seems now they live beyond my reach.

I would like to see and live the world I see not, but the image of the one I had once.

I recall blue light with greenery surrounding my nights, but I see the night

Now the sun says goodbye and leaves for its adventures in paradise

Now I forget yesterday giving my love that was so easily given away

Where has the time gone?

Who were we once? The waiting of the night’s so called love, now I see dark with no light

I see no happy ever after

That so called love they say.

Love They Say Image

Love They Say Image

By Anisa Khan

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