Living in your Shadow

It was not so long ago in my mind, but many years have elapsed since, if the truth be known. There were many prospects then I suppose. So much has changed since I stopped living in your shadow.

Perhaps in my mind, these years have passed in sorrow that we stood under the apple tree, both aglow. Sometimes I resented you but mostly I felt proud. I have grown up now, but much of my young life I remember having spent living in your shadow.

Where did you go because when I turned around I was left on my own? When I saw you again, you spoke with a distant tone. How strange that you should compare me to you when a lifetime of mine has been wasted living in your shadow?

Could you not see that I was truly happy before all this misunderstanding arose? You did as you pleased – still filling me with awe. Sometimes you fought with me, other times you loved me, holding me close. It made me realize your value. But all the same I remained living in your shadow.

When you were gone, I began to see for the sun hit me directly, almost burning me, forcing me to grow in whichever direction it went and the wind swept me up twirling me around until I learned to hold onto something tight and let go at just the right moment. That’s when I longed to be living in the splendour of your shadow.

Come with me and hold my hand for I have noticed in this baking heat that somehow or other, my shadow has grown much larger than yours. You look all withered and vulnerable, not at all the way I remember. From this moment I will hold you close, for now you may live huddles close, under my magnificent shadow.

You can no longer give me the shelter I was seeking or believed I needed. Even though I have grown into this fully fledged beauty, I survived on my own. You allowed me to grow in my own way and choose my own direction. Despite it all, I am now grateful, as you made me realize it was so much safer living in your shadow.

By Ms April Showers

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