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Beautiful Scene in July

Beautiful Scene in July












When the scarlet cardinal tells

Her dream to the dragonfly,

And the lazy breeze makes a nest in the trees,

And murmurs a lullaby,

It’s July.

When the tangled cobweb pulls

The cornflower’s cap awry,

And the lilies tall lean over the wall

To bow to the butterfly,

It’s July.

When the heat like a mist veil floats,

And poppies flame in the rye,

And the silver note in the streamlet’s throat

Has softened almost to a sigh,

It’s July.

When the hours are so still that time

Forgets them, and lets them lie

Underneath petals pink till the night stars wink

At the sunset in the sky,

It’s July.

Poem by Susan Hartley Swett (published in the 1880’s)

Poem Source: poetry.rapgenius.com | Image Source: nature.desktopnexus.com

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