Journey To The Centre Of The Heart by Aneela Shad

Journey Into The Heart

Journey Into The Heart

Let me take you to such a domain

Where prevails no sorrow or grief

And love carries the day

Where goddess of the dawn gives birth to rays of hope

Where pitch darkness washes away by moonlight

Where you may encounter sunshine or some shadows

But the long journey keeps giving a wake-up call!

And no matter how far your vision takes you

The sky keeps waving at liberty

Where colourful birds bring aspirations

Where flower buds bloom and laugh in dreams

Where a pleasant evening dissolves itself in peace

It is such a sphere of dreams

Where exists only love and love only

Let’s lose ourselves in such a world

Where there is no remorse and no moans

Where no one squabbles

And no one is a stranger

Where holding hands is an order

Hugs are essential

Tears are treasure

Walking together

To unfold – to discover!

I am ready if you are….

By Aneela Shad

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