I Was Here

I was here long before you.

I can hear you speaking words of love.

Sweet nothings he speaks in your ear.

Just remember though, I was here before you.

No longer mine, there it is again – I see you here.

My bed is crumpled and he thinks I do not know.

I can tell by the way he turns away when I reach out and kiss him, missing even his ear.

Seven year itch they call it. Not here though, because I turn away to look elsewhere.

Satisfaction is sweet and sincere. Did I ever turn to him in my time of despair?

The perfume I smell is not mine and the lipstick on the collar is just a smear.

The look of guilt flashes across his face as I ask one more thing. A fool of me he will make.

What if he were to know the child is not his and I stay with him out of fear?

Just remember though I was here before you ever were.

The rain trickles down like my tears. You can’t see – you are blind to my internal fears.

I have to climb this narrow set of stairs.

Upstairs, for I was here long before the other woman entered the scene.

Leave this home, for it shall remain mine. Go with her so far away in time.

I will find another just like you. There will be nothing to fear – just my own shadow here.

By Ms April Showers


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