Heart of Jewels

I was found lost long ago – deep within my soul.

Touch my heart and you will find…a beautiful stone set with jewels.

Not a living breathing organ full of life, but still a beautiful heart I own.

The jewels dazzle but the blood runs cold and stops still.

A beautiful heart of stone is here in place of love or fear.

The midas touch is all mine, I can declare.

Go home and think about this golden heart of mine.

You will find, not a speck of dullness, there’s all shine.

This heart will never belong to you for it is fully mine.

Go home boy, now is not the time.

This heart will never belong to you.

Unable to share it, I cry inside.

But the pain is not strong enough to rip this stone apart.

The jewels that embed it are as strong as ever.

Love me less or love me more,

For it makes no difference to this heart of jewels.

I hear a ripple – delight in my pain.

How can I escape this heavy beautiful heart of mine?

You keep trying, but I can’t give you a chance.

All those lonesome years of loneliness are simply mine.

You, boy, will just be another beautiful gem stuck in that stone heart of mine.

So I tell you to go now, go, while you can.

If you can figure it out, you will escape.

If not, you will become embedded like a red ruby,

Shining like the others before you,

Forever in that beautiful stone heart of mine.

Deep within all those jewels is embedded a diamond.

Someone I lost and who is now far flung.

But the diamond is hidden, far from anyone’s vision.

Only I know of its existence, it is the core of this very stone heart of mine.

I search for the diamond’s owner, magnificent still.

But I know it’s too late and I shall never find him.

All the while in my search, I keep on collecting all these other beautiful jewels.

They come in great sparkling colours and magnificence.

But nothing compares to that simple but sparkling diamond,

It sits in the very core of me, killing me with its sharpness.

So intense in its light, so beautiful, it shines bright.

It remains embedded for life in this stone cold heart of mine.

The centre of this heart used to burn red and bright.

Always lit with the fire of passion and light.

It’s chilled right through now… still beautiful … but …

…icy cold…

By Ms April Showers

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