Happy Letter Poem by Anisa Khan

Happy Letter Poem

Happy Letter Poem

I shall not tell you this love story, for it shall grow beside you as had I.

Boy that childish smile I possess beside me oh too young we were, living in a mild paradise.

If I ever speak of him it shall be now for there is no tomorrow in thy eyes

This night shall be more than…. Here there and almost everywhere.

I shall know that this hopeless longing shall not last too much of a day

For we shall live forever in… this path desirable as the night foresees those ancient crimes of love

Knowing I shall not speak, nor voice this bizarre feeling as though heat sinks.

Midas enchants this forsaken light upon our growing hour,

And we leave behind those secret delights for we are forced to run,

I may never look back but we shall see, I shall see.

The growing dead that stands beside

We shall live amongst those rivers that lead to our oh so white lights

Yearning for delight,

Waiting impatiently for thy last lingering kiss

Aiming up above beyond those twinkling stars… I see I see

I spin gold like he, the red sharp eye

I shall call to him this… happy letter?

 By Anisa Khan

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