Feeling Lonely Poem

Feeling Lonely Image

Feeling Lonely Image

A Feeling of Loneliness

I feel a little lonelier upon the passing of each day

I keep busy constantly to keep this loneliness at bay

Making a list of business things to do

All the while knowing it to be true

This loneliness cannot be hurried away

It lurks in the corners where my eyes dare not stray

For business is the order of the day

Strike my heart through

There is a wire that if allowed to be pulled

Makes my knees knock too

Living a life of luxury

Unbeknown to me

You cannot see the thread of loneliness

Encasing my inner soul

Nothing can do away with this loneliness

It resides deeply embedded in my once soulful heart

My silence speaks volumes as the clouds gather

To bring about the much needed rain

What a way to wash away the tears

Which well up and cloud my judgement with all my inner fears

When the sun shows again, there is a yellow ray of hope

My heart displays the same band of light

Searching for a wholeness, without which I feel – not quite right

POEM BY Ms April Showers

Image Source: www.healthyplace.com

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