And Then There Was One

A poem entitled “…and then there was one…”  by Ms April Showers

Pegasus Horse

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 And then there was one…

Just one… and that happened to be me

All alone – stranded and in tears

Because you left me for the unknown

Above it all stood, my heart liberated

The grip of your fingers and my wrath were clear

A kind being that you posed to be

Cradled in the palm of my softened hand

Deceit in tow masking a lot behind it all

Through it all shining alight a torch for my life

Forgive me you cried, for you knew I would

Unable to give you up without a fight

Wilfully I sighed, to do it all again we both cried

But left alone in the end at the furthest depths of our despair

Allowing nobody else to share

Holding onto memories far flung into the darkness

Fading quickly into quicksand

Our fleeting past I held so dear

Grabbing onto the remnants of what remained so dear

Only one of us can remain here and that be fair

Afraid to try it all again, so much to compare

You chose to go afar and seek afresh

But only one of us remained still living in fear

…and then there was just one….that was quite clear

But was it happiness or despair?

By April Showers

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