A Glint of Light

When I look away, I notice something bright,

A glint of light reflected in your eyes.

Could it be sorrow or delight, sparkling a rainbow in the light?

A teardrop full of drama that we call life

In my lifetime I have seen much, but nothing prepared me for this rush

Time to return what was given to me

Once an object of desire, now simply cast aside unable to bear

My life, my terms, my love and of course my dreams

Give me my love and I will persevere

All those burdens were difficult to bear.

Take your troubles far from here.

A feeling of freedom wraps around me and

A smile which spreads from ear to ear

This is my space and there is nothing to compare

A vast openness with no despair

Here I stand and here I will go

Nothing between me and my shadow

Praying for time, hopeful and divine

Clouded away and bathed in a beautiful shine.

My life is good I dare say, covered in deceit is all away

Take these lies and serve them to someone else

For me they have lost their meaning along with your promises

All worthless and useless – so keep their fill

With love on my mind I endured you still

Keep walking away now, far to the hill

Never looking back in time for it is frozen still.

By Ms April Showers

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