Thoughts running through my head

Thoughts are like Butterflies

Thoughts are like Butterflies

Do you ever wonder at the weird and wonderful thoughts that race through your mind all day long? Some appear to be rational and purposeful whilst others only serve to hinder your attention away from your focal point. Thoughts can be random or planned through.

We can easily dispose of a thought if it does not suit us. Much of the time we end up focusing on the wrong thoughts. These negative thoughts are not productive to our well being or growth and only serve to hold us back in many ways. A negative thought can be destructive to our mentality, adding fuel to fire if you are already feeling depressed.

On the other hand, a positive thought serves to boost our confidence. When we allow a good thought into our minds, it can do wonders for our self-esteem as well as boosting our general health and well-being. Positive thoughts can heal or minimize the pain we experience either physically or mentally.

Where do these thoughts spring from and how can we master them?

A thought is quite simply a seed we choose to plant in our minds. We can either allow the seed to germinate and grow or discard it by replacing it with another thought. In other words we have the choice to reject the bad seed and replace it with a better quality seed of thought.

We attract into our lives whatever we focus our thoughts on. With knowledge we are better able to focus our mind on what we want rather than creating fear by thinking about what we don’t want. Is it not better to use our energy wisely focusing on what we want and need and attract it into our lives rather than thinking about all the nasty things we wish to avoid?

In fact, the more we think about what we don’t want, chances are the more we are setting ourselves up for bumping into our worst nightmares. They did not happen to be in your way, you consciously put those obstacles in your way by stressing about them!

How we interpret and process information is very important in that this judgement of ours influences our very thoughts, thereby affecting our emotions which in turn affect our bahaviour.

But before you can even think about changing any aspect of your life through your thoughts, you need to essentially understand the way you think right through to the roots.

According to research, many factors influence the way we think, but the main forces are listed below:

  1. Conscious / Subconscious / Unconscious
  2. Learning through our senses
  3. Dominant left or right brain
  4. Styles of thinking
  5. Personality types

Other Factors Influencing our Thoughts

We may believe we have control over our thoughts, but considering the above information, perhaps it is time to evaluate exactly how much control we really have. It is the self-limiting beliefs which ultimately hold us back.Positive thoughts help us to heal and be productive.

Internal and External Factors

1. Motivation in life is important in that it determines how focused we are on achieving our goals. If we are hard pressed to pay the bills etc. we are motivated to earn an income out of desperation.

2. Our genetic disposition is an influential factor in the way we think and what we believe about ourselves. We inherit our IQ level from our biological parents. Whether or not we reach our full potential is dependent upon our upbringing and environment.

3. Our belief system develops during our childhood. We internally accept what we have been fed by our parents or care-givers. This is why it is important to give the right level of care to children to help them to become healthy confident people. Too little attention and the child suffer from neglect. Too much interference and the child can feel undermined.

4. Hormones also bear a great influence on our thoughts. Any imbalance can cause mental problems ranging from mild anxiety to a deep depression.

5. The physical state of our body has a profound effect on our mind as well. With a healthy well balanced diet and suitable exercise, not only do we remain physically healthy but our mind also gets a breath of fresh air.

6. In order to think positively, we need to keep ourselves in good physical condition as well as surround ourselves with the right type of company. Without realising it, we allow the company of other people to influence us. In fact the company we keep can just about sum us up. If we remain in limited groups that do not allow us to grow, we stagnate. This is why it is important to always broaden your circle of acquaintances so you broaden your horizons.

We have three basic options as to how to experience a negative event and allow it to impact us in one of the following ways:

  • We can become permanently angry and bitter and ask continuously, “why me?”
  • We can accept it submissively and patiently and put it down to the belief that it is all predestined and do nothing about it, perhaps even internalize it as being our own fault or that we deserved it in some way.
  • Finally we can review what happened and learn from it once the initial emotions have calmed down. We can consciously deal with the negative event in a healthy way.

These 3 options are based on our personal belief system. To achieve a healthy approach to the negative aspects in life, we need to assess our deep seated belief systems about ourselves. The inner belief systems we hold so dearly may be in desperate need of renovation.

Would you continue to choose to live in a run-down home even if you had the option of updating it? The same applies to your mental state. Always keep your thoughts as clear and productive as you can for they will lead to your emotional well-being thus affecting your actions and behaviour.

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