Think For Yourself

It is a well-known fact that people who can think for themselves are the most successful and satisfied internally. They take responsibility for their actions.

Our actions begin their life in our mind with the planting of a seed of thought

We have to think before we can carry any action through. What influences our thoughts is everything around us as well as the experiences we hold within us. You may believe you have the ability to think for yourself but how accurate are you? How are you able to judge yourself?

If there were more independent people who took responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions, many of our problems would not exist. If you have a tendency to blame others, stop for a moment and think deeply for yourself.

Consider the main seven aspects when it comes to independent thought:

(1) Pleasing Other People

Pleasing other people may be an easy stress free option but it does puts pressure on you internally as you are compromising with your inner beliefs. Therefore pleasing others becomes stressful in the long term. Running around on the ideas and thoughts of someone else is the same as dancing on the fingers of another person’s dreams. Give yourself credit and slowly withdraw from this lifestyle. You may as well dance at the tune of your own instrument. The other person is well aware that they have you dancing on their fingers and you know what it reduces the respect they have for you.

(2) Motives of Other People

Question the motives of other people. This is actually as easy or as hard as you make it yourself. If what the other person is saying makes sense and it is in line with what you believe in, then it becomes easier to follow. If the other person is putting forward a convincing argument, but you do not feel ready to follow through then trust your instinct and go with your inner belief.

(3) Suitability of other People’s Ideas

Check if this opportunity in your life is to your advantage and if it helps to improve your life or hinder it. What does this person want from you? How will it benefit them if you go along with their way of thinking? Perhaps they are trying to recruit you to do something you are unhappy with. Is this person trying to sway you and make you feel uncomfortable?

Research what other people are saying. This may amaze you, to reveal if they are lying or telling the truth. Check the information available. Do not feel pressurised to go with what they are saying. Ask for time to think about it. It is easy to make a brash decision under this pressure. Think in your own time and in your own space.

(4) Be Humble

Be humble if others have lied to you. Keep respectful. There is no need to show anyone up. Once you have discovered that someone is trying to take advantage of you – you are in control and as the better person learn to walk away. This is not to say you should not speak up if necessary.

(5)  Know when to Speak Your Mind

Learn to pick your moment when it comes to speaking your mind. Remember not everyone is interested in your opinion so don’t spout it everywhere you go. Listen attentively to others and then give your opinion if it is relevant. There really is no point in starting an unnecessary argument. Why waste energy which can be better spent on thinking of something positive?

(6) Ask Questions to Grow Yourself

Ask lots of questions. Then ask yourself what you want. Is this thought or idea in line with what you want or against it? Learn to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

(7) Grow Your Independent Thoughts

Finally go for it – the thought or idea that is independently your own. Plant it, water it and tend to it so that it can grow and nurture it so it will reward you manifold.

P.s Remember to try not to intervene in the thinking lives of others. If you believe an idea or thought of yours is in line with helping the need of someone else, by all means make a suggestion, but do not impose your ideas and thoughts on others forcibly or even viciously by underhanded methods. What goes around comes around.

So stop asking for the advice from other people and begin your journey towards a more independent self by thinking it, feeling it and then behaving like it.

Happy independent thinking!

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