The Problem with New Year Resolutions Part 1

One of the main problems with New Year resolutions is that although you make the resolutions with the best of intentions, they are hard to keep up. You may even follow them through – for a while at the very least.

Vital Change in Conviction

But usually come end of January, much research in this area has found that chances are you will be one of many who fails to carry your convictions through. That’s a shame really considering many of us need that vital change in our lives if only to improve aspects such as our overall health.

So as many do, by the end of that cold month, you may slip into your old habits and routine as if you slipped on your slippers and gown before bedtime. It’s what you’re familiar with right? It’s easier than slogging your guts out to make that change.

Why had I wanted to make that change anyway? you may think as you snuggle up to your old habit. Oh yes, I had to lose some weight because the doctor said so. Time for the excuses: it’s too tiring. I’m hardly that much overweight. Maybe I can put it off until later. You may even be too busy with work to make that necessary change which can prove to be a life saver in the future.

Well, listen up. You know in your heart that these are just excuses to put off what needs to be changed.  But the new regime / habit is simply too hard to maintain right?

Wrong. Consider this: you may have put too much pressure on yourself by forcing a bigger change than you can manage realistically.

If this is the case, why not start with something basic? It could be as simple as making an intention – much like a pledge. Then think about the pledge and why you want to make this change. Be as honest as you can with yourself. Are you making the change for the right reasons or just copying other people or even because it’s that dreaded time of year to make a change?

Get your facts straight.

If you are not a practical person or slow to change, begin by simply stating the change you wish to make and repeat it by thinking it over and mentally envisioning it each day until you become comfortable with the idea. Allow the positive emotions to take hold and become stronger. Do this for a good while until you are motivated to take action. To take action you need to have desire.

You need to find a suitable way to encourage the dormant desire to continue with the change by, for instance, repeating the necessary affirmations.

Encourage change in yourself

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