Power of Thoughts

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind...” 


A single thought can be the most powerful force to influence the core of our very being. Thoughts convey messages in our head and in turn affect our feelings and emotions. The knock on effect is of course, that our behaviour is based on how we feel. The root of all our behaviour is basically our thoughts.

Thoughts determine who we are.

Thoughts certainly determine who we are and as Buddha said, much like many other wise people, it is thoughts which lead us to where we currently are. It is a simple formula really, if you think about something and dwell on, it’s like wishful thinking, and it really does manifest itself into reality.

This is why it is important to understand the underlying aspects affecting our way of thinking. The way we were brought up and the people who influenced us when we were impressionable have left a legacy in the way that we currently think.

An example of this is if your caregiver was always frustrated when something went wrong and would vent and rage, then it is likely you may have picked up on this way of coping with your problems.

But rest assured that there is a way of altering your negative thoughts. It’s simply a matter of you are or who you think you are. For example, if you feel scared, you will appear scared to others. If you are confident on the inside, you will appear confident on the outside too. People will be able to see your confidence shining through.

Try to alter the state of your negative thoughts by:

  1. Making a list of what bothers you the most and then dealing with them by talking yourself through the problems.
  2. Turning the negative words into the opposite words e.g. Change: I am not good at dieting into: I am good at dieting.
  3. Experience the feeling of saying the opposite affirmation. Really take it in and then start behaving as if you have the item/ thing you so desire.

Did you notice that wonderful positive feeling as you imagined having achieved a positive outcome instead of dwelling on the actual negative problem?

When you bring about positive ways of thinking, you immediately begin to notice the growth of that feel good feeling which results in a fantastic achievable result.

This positive feeling will also begin to extend into other aspects of your life. You may well even feel better about the little irritating thing that had been bothering you at the back of your mind. The problem doesn’t feel so bad when reframed.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, thoughts in general are not beyond your control. You do have the inner power and strength to influence your thoughts to suit your desired outcome. If you allow negative thoughts to envelop you, you take on a victim type of mentality.

On the other hand, if you learn to harness your thoughts and nurture them positively, you have more control as well as feeling at ease with the direction you choose in life.

If there is a troublesome thought bothering you, nip it in the bud before you get a chance to nurture it with more negativity and allow it to grow into something of a burden.

Are you good at successfully diverting your negative thoughts or have you allowed a particularly nasty thought to spread like cancer, thereby, affecting your quality of life?

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