Positive Thoughts verses Reality

The Reality of Perception Quote

The Reality of Perception Quote

Positive thoughts verses reality is actually another way of saying positive thoughts verses negative thoughts. Many a time negative minded people hide behind the guise of being brutally honest because they only want to face the harsh reality. These people would usually enjoy ripping a good idea before it can ever take off. They love to pull apart and scrutinise something. In fact, anything to avoid the bitter disappointment they hold themselves against. It makes them feel good that other people are failing miserably or do not measure up to their critical analysis in any way.

Whenever I come across positive thoughts articles, they always seem to be accompanied by some type of so called “realistic” comments at the end. Usually, by reading the article I feel somewhat optimistic about improving my life. I find generally that when I think positive I behave positively. But by the time I get to the negative comments cross questioning the article, I feel a little annoyed. I think – can’t these people just try to understand the writer instead of dampening the spirit with their dark thoughts on their personal version of reality?

In fact what these negative thinking people fail to realise is that reality is in essence an entirely personal perception which is subject to change depending on the mood and frame of mind you are in. If you are inclined towards a negative way of thought, you will naturally take the stance that reality can be harsh. Usually these type of people also suffer from ill health brought about due to anxiety and stress. They choose to focus and linger on negative aspects, instead of noticing the negative and focusing on ways of improving this.

For the positive person – their reality is brighter and happier because that is how they naturally paint their life. I, for one, want to remain optimistic about things and do not really appreciate being reminded of another person’s impression of a grim reality. If I focus on the grim reality like a used to do sometimes, my inner feelings give way to fear just waiting to find an escape route. I choose to stay hopeful instead of fearful.

So the external events will happen as they do. It is my interpretation of these events which will determine whether it was a good or bad event. I can write something nasty off as a learning experience or sit and cry over it. I know what I would rather choose but I suppose the realists will sit a moan about it.

If you have a choice would you rather live in a bubble of happiness oblivious to problems which can be resolved with a happier frame of mind and in a more creative way or would you rather sit in the dark black hole which affects your thoughts negatively.

It becomes a habit to think and perceive the way we do. So try to changing your personal perception is no easy task for sure. Becoming challenging with our thought process and perception is one of the hardest things we have to do. But you don’t have to give in to the negative way of thinking. You can speak back to it and even reassure yourself that things are not all doom and gloom.

Check some of my posts about overcoming negative thought processes which usually have an element of fear associated with them.

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