Overcoming Self-Doubt

“I seek strength, not to be greater than other, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself.” –  P.C. Cast

For years, even as a mature adult I have battled with self-doubt which is one of the reasons behind writing this post. I want to share with you some of the major ways which have helped to shape my thoughts into something more constructive and useful, instead of negative and debilitating.

Self-doubt is an inner voice speaking to you and eroding your very confidence. By definition, self-doubt is almost another term describing lack of confidence in your own abilities. When this happens there is a chain reaction and almost everything you do begins to be second guessed. Not a healthy way to live your life, needless to say.

Self-doubt as a form of insecurity

No doubt that insecurity plays a major part by impacting the way you think about yourself. Self-doubt is also closely related to feelings of fear. If you are confident in your ability then you will not be plagued by self-doubt. Allow that small germ to fester and it will grow to incapacitate you.

How do we know it is self-doubt?

When we use phrases like not sure and perhaps I was wrong, we are in effect allowing self-doubt to creep into our lives.Sure enough there are many words which signify self-doubt and to name but a few, consider the following:hesitancy, uncertainty and indecisiveness. These descriptions all amount to the same. It all begins with the way we speak to ourselves allowing the self-doubt to grow and prosper.

How can we deal with self-doubt?

There is a way to fight back the demons and the nagging voices you have created inside your mind since childhood.

  • Recognise and acknowledge the doubt – This way it cannot remain hidden and influence you deeply.
  • Analyse the doubt by questioning its validity.
  • Recognise the frequent patterns and identify the sources. Make decisions and alter it to suit your situation instead of allowing others to dictate what is best for you. Allow the criticism of other people to flow over you. Listening and allowing others to dictate to you only serves to grow the self-doubt into something much bigger.
  • Anticipate possible challenges and plan ahead to defeat doubt before it gets the better of you.
  • Be grateful. The act of gratitude even acknowledgement helps you to focus on the positive things in life which brings about more positive things. Self-pity is rather draining. Feeling good makes everything around you look good. Do this by reading or listening to positive affirmations regularly to keep in touch with your positive side. Have mantras to rely on during difficult times.
  • Seek encouragement from the right sources either individuals or groups. Connect with other people as this will encourage you to seek support from the right people. Also identify the most nurturing relationships and keep them going. This will aid your confidence greatly.
  • Keep yourself grounded by balancing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Silence the biggest critic of all which resides inside your own mind. Refresh your mood by taking consistent breaks with a balance of work and home life.

Remember: “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” – Cicero.

So use these useful tips and nip that self-doubt in the bud before it can grow to overpower you.

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