Fixed Mindset Verses The Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck

Growth Mindset Quote by Carol Dweck

Growth Mindset Quote by Carol Dweck

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According to one of the leading researchers in the field of the Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck:

“People believe … their talents and abilities can be developed through passion, education, and persistence. For them it’s about a commitment to learning- taking informed risks and learning from the results, surrounding yourself with people who will change challenge you to grow, looking frankly at your deficiencies and seeking to remedy them.”

There are many benefits to having the growth mindset. Below is a chart illustrating the vast difference between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

Difference Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Difference Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets

Fixed Mindset people believe that intelligence cannot be developed and with their focus applied to appearances they have a tendency to do the following:

  1. They avoid challenges – By doing this they in effect lose out on many varying opportunities to grow and learn from their varied experiences. They basically fear change.
  2. As a consequence of their deep embedded belief this type of mentality gives up easily. Again this is an indication of their lack of belief and to challenge themselves further to set goals to achieve more.
  3. The fixed mindset individual also views effort as a waste of time. They believe that they could be doing something more useful than trying to improve themselves so choose to remain still and fight change rather than allowing things to happen around them because they believe they are not capable of achieving a “better self”.
  4. When these types of people ignore criticism, they use defence mechanisms to blockade a valuable set of lessons which could if used constructively help them to vastly improve their lifestyle in every aspect.
  5. When these types of people view the success of others around them, instead of feeling happy for others and being inspired, instead they feel threatened. They can quite easily use the success of other people as a way to improve their own failings but choose not to do so.

So, with this information, the growth mind-set is indeed something to strive for. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve so much more and each set back can be viewed as a challenge, an obstacle to overcome which will make you stronger.

Life is about growth and change and not stagnation. So choose to grow with the changes in your life and embrace the growth of your mind by accepting that you do indeed possess the ability to cultivate a growth mindset. Use it wisely.

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