Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts

The way you think has a great impact on the the outcome of your behaviour. Below is a chart showing the difference in the negative and positive thought patterns.

Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts Chart

Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts Chart

Negative Thought                                     Talk Back with a Positive Thought

All or Nothing                                             Work Towards Balance

“I can never eat Dessert again”                 “I can eat that dessert and then cut

back on something else”

“Look at what I did, I ate that                     “One slip isn’t the end of the world

cake. I’ll never succeed.”                          I can get back on track now.”

Making Excuses                                      It’s Worth a Try

“It’s too hot to take a walk”                        “I can try going for a walk and stop if it

gets too hot.”

“I don’t have the willpower.”                      “It’s hard to change old habits, but I’ll

give it a try and see how it works.”

“I Should…I Must…”                                 “It’s My Choice”

“I should have eaten less dessert.”               “It was my choice. Next time I can decide

not to eat so much.”

“I must write down everything I eat.”              “I’m writing down everything I eat

because it helps me eat better.”

I’m Not As Good As…                                Everyone’s Different

“Mele lost two pounds this week,                “It’s not a race. Mele and I can lose weight

and I lost one.”                                              at different rates and still succeed.”

So next time a thought enters your head question if it is positive or negative. If it is negative then turn it on its head so you can see the other side of it. It will bring calmness and confidence in your mind.

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