“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Attitude really is everything. It is the building block for the way you live your life and it dictates the reaction you get from everyone around you. It’s sort of like your aura. Good or bad, this is what people judge you by when they interact with you.

Attitude can make or break you

Have you ever met someone, who doesn’t appear fantastic looking or isn’t well dressed, but when you engage in a conversation with them, you are pleasantly surprised? Well that person has the right positive attitude. Your initial impression of them will change when you interact with them simply because of their wonderful attitude.

Likewise, you must have met someone who looks attractive but because their attitude appears aloof or arrogant, you avoid them as much as possible. Needless to say, this is an example of the person with a negative attitude.

Although a positive attitude is fantastic, it is not physically possible to walk around with a constant smile on your face. Certainly though a frown is something to be avoided. There is an in between state that you could strive for.

If you are constantly reacting negatively, altering your attitude will definitely bring about positive change in your life.

How can you improve your attitude?

  1. Get a couple of opinions. You mother may think that your attitude needs a lot of improvement. Your friends may think otherwise and your work colleagues may not be able to tolerate your attitude. If people are avoiding you, ask yourself why this is the case.
  2. Audio record yourself interacting with other people. When you replay yourself, ask yourself if you would like to interact with someone like yourself.
  3. Assess where you can improve. Speak to people whose attitude you admire and observe what it is about them that you find attractive. Try to model that positive behaviour. Chances are you find their positive attitude attractive.

Attitude can work either way for you. Be careful how you interact with others. The reaction of others i.e. whether they respond favourably or negatively towards you is usually as a direct result of how you interact with them. If many people are being hostile to you or are avoiding you, ask yourself if it’s your attitude that needs to be improved.

Your feelings are usually a barometer of how well you are doing. If you come away from an interaction feeling positive then you have interacted successfully. When you smile, this relaxes you physiologically and your face gives the impression that you are indeed comfortable with the interaction and the other person’s attention will remain favourably with you for longer.

Assess your attitude in a serious light. Ask close friends and trusted colleagues their true opinion. Beware that your mum may love you just the way you are and therefore be just that little biased in her evaluation. If you have an overcritical partner – perhaps their valuation won’t be so balanced either.

But seriously, in your heart you know if your attitude needs to change – so begin that process with the small things in life as soon as you can. Then notice the difference even a small gesture such as a smile can make.

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