Aims for Life

“High aims form high characters, and great objects bring out great minds.” –               Tryon Edwards

Closely related to the topic of dreams, is the drive to aim high in order to bring these dreams to life. We may have inspirational dreams but they are almost useless without the vital ingredient of having an aim to achieve them. Without doubt, aiming high is the best start to achieving a successful outcome in whatever your goal is in life.

Aiming High

In your mind’s eye conjure up your ideal dream and aim at it. Imagine the sweet taste of success and your ability to overcome the obstacles littered along the path. Allow that wonderful feeling of elation and the sweet smell of success to wrap you in it’s warmth. Well that is achievable in reality if you allow it to first enter your thoughts and imagination.

If you have developed enough confidence in yourself, you will aim high because you are aware of your abilities and weaknesses. If you doubt your abilities in accomplishing your dreams, you are selling yourself short.

We all have the ability to aim and achieve high, but it is usually the barriers we set up against ourselves that we need to overcome the most. You may have a persistent negative thought because as a child someone may have told you that you were not good enough.

It is easy to internalize and start to believe what people keep saying out loud to you. But your self-talk has to overcome such barriers to achieve your goals.

We can easily allow others to shape our opinions of ourselves. To keep an aim in place, we need to pull down that perception that we are not good enough for the challenge we set.

That’s where confidence and visualization comes in. We need to constantly feed that aim from the embers burning from within us. Just picture yourself achieving that point of success and aim with all your ability. You will find you have much more potential than you could imagine. Surprise yourself and discover your unlimited potential.

To improve your aims in life try the following exercises:

  1. Ask yourself what you really want in life and which barriers are holding you back. Are you taking small steps to get there daily/weekly? Try focusing on one aim at a time.
  2. If you are nervous try saying your affirmations and your mind will find a way to achieve your desired aim.
  3. Keep your aims within focus by reminding yourself every day of what you must achieve. Constantly remind yourself of your goals so that your aim remain focused.

Wondering aimlessly in life is the same as drifting. When we go on a journey, if we plan ahead, we are better prepared to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. We set our mind on the target and therefore find a way of getting past the mishaps.

In life, when we have no aim, we do not know which direction to choose when presented with a choice. At best we do guesswork.

When we become focused though, it feels like we are sprinting ahead. We are almost able to predict what is ahead and can deal with uncertainty because we know we must overcome whatever comes in our way. Our aim is one of the key features to keep us going.

Like dreams, be consistent towards your aim. Aiming at your goal is like taking practical steps towards your dreams. Keep those steps consistent and constant, even if they are small. You will feel a sense of accomplishment each time you take the step.

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