The Feelings Wheel Developed by Dr Gloria Willcox

Identify Your Feelings Chart

Some of us find it difficult to connect with our emotions and feelings. The Feelings Wheel by Dr. Gloria Willcox, shown below helps you to identify the original main emotion you are experiencing and connects this with other linked groups of emotions, which branch off from the central circle. This helps you to identify the root of your feelings by tracing back to one of the main emotions in the centre of the chart.

The Feeling Wheel Image

The Feeling Wheel Image

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In the centre of the Circle the main Feelings are identified as being:                              Sad, Mad, Scared, Joyful, Powerful and Peaceful

From these you can branch out into a more specific feeling. So you can either work from the inner circle outwards e.g: Mad – Hurt – Distant, or from the outer circle towards the centre e.g: Relaxed – Content – Peaceful.

Have fun identifying your feelings at different times, whenever your mood changes and you may even be surprised at how you are truly feeling!

For more Emotions Charts See Also: Plutchik’s Flower and Parrott’s Classification of Emotions Chart

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