Overcoming Fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” –  Originally said by Francis Bacon and later used by Franklin D Roosevelt in his inauguration speech.

Reality of the Emotion Fear

Reality of the Emotion Fear

Fearing Fear

As the quotes in the image show, it is not always the things we perceive that are a threat to us, it is in fact the underlying interpretation of the images we have in our mind, combined with our personal past experiences that allow the fear to fester. Fear grows in the mind when we allow our imagination to take over. Which is a shame really, such a wonderful thing is imagination as it can take us to wonderful places, away from all the grim reality and unhappiness that life can inflict on us. Yet we choose to use this wonderful gift of the imagination and visualization to haunt ourselves with scary images, so in effect we serve to scare ourselves.

Fear Broken Down

Veer Sharma quite cleverly broke the word fear down to the following simple components: FEAR:

If you remind yourself of this each time your fear begins to take root, you will be able to disentangle yourself from the spiral that can suck you into the hole of fear.

Experiences of Fear

Recently I have been making further changes to my own lifestyle. One of the objectives is to confront all my fears one at a time. The interesting aspect is that the more I familiarise myself with a fear and expose myself to it the less afraid I become. In fact as my confidence grows I become more positive and find myself in a better position to confront my other fears! How wonderful is that? Although I still have a long way to go, at least I am trying and stepping in the right direction.

So my new thing is to try something each day that I am in fear of or dislike. I have taken a chance and with that leap of faith, I have made the conscious decision to trust my higher self. Whatever I do, I cannot go wrong because my soul knows it will lead me in the right direction. And the mistakes I am so afraid of making? well then that is part of my learning curve. With it I shall overcome my fear and any obstacle in my way. At least I know I will have tried instead of wishing and dreaming of an alternative lifestyle.

From these mistakes I have learnt to live a better life and to empathise and develop an understanding of other people helping me to become more tolerant of those around me.

Remember one thing – fear is all in the mind. Master it and you have conquered the world.

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