July Fun Facts

July Flower - Water Lily

July Flower – Water Lily

  • July is the seventh month of the year
  • July was originally the fifth month according to the early Roman calendar
  • July was originally called Quitilis which meant fifth in the Roman calendar
  • July is best known for July the 4th – Independence Day in U.S.A
Birthstone of July - Ruby

Birthstone of July – Ruby

  • July has always had 31 days
  • July was named after Julius Caesar
  • Birthstone associated with July: Ruby
  • Flower associated with July is the Water Lily
  • Season: Summer
  • Astrological Signs: Cancer (until July 22nd) & Leo (from July 23rd)

Famous People Born in July:

1st July 1961 – Princess Diana

26th July 1856 – George Bernard Shaw, Famous Playwright

30th July 1818 – Emile Bronte, Famous novelist

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