Water Essentials

Water is the most essential element on earth. This element is known as H2O and is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Water comes in 3 basic forms:

  1. Solid: in the form of ice and on the polar caps of our planet.
  2. Liquid: in the form we drink and wash and this form covers most of the surface of this planet.
  3. Gas: in the form of steam and vapour. The clouds represent this as part of the water cycle.

Not only do we depend on water for our very survival, but our actual bodies are made up of about 60% water. That’s well over half the total amount of our body mass!

Clean water is available to us easily in the western world and so we do not need to dwell on its importance. In remote places, where water is not so easily available, the statistics for survival are very low.

Although the given rule of 8 by 8 glasses a day is very much close to the recommended amount on a daily basis for us, there are other factors to take into account regarding how much water we need to consume to remain healthy.

  1. Gender – men need more water than women.
  2. Pregnancy requirements increase need for water.
  3. During illness we lose water and therefore it needs to be replaced.
  4. Increased physical activity causes us to lose water which needs replacing.

The major sign of needing water of course is thirst. But it is recommended that we do not wait to get to this stage before we drink water as dehydration has a dangerous effect on our mind and body.

An increased lack of water in the body is commonly known as dehydration. This condition causes problems such as:

  • Thirst, dry mouth, skin and sunken eyes
  • Headaches, dizziness and fainting
  • Dark yellow urine as well as constipation

To avoid dehydration to your mind and body, make sure you drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Water is one of the first steps towards keeping you thinking normally and physically functioning properly.

Water is essential in human life for the following reasons:

  1. Mind – Still waters run deep. Water can symbolise the stillness and clarity of the deepness of thought.
  2. Body – Our body uses water to wash out the toxins which build up.
  3. Soul – Water is used by many cultures to purify the soul. The flowing water, usually of a river, washes away our sins and gives us a chance to start our life fresh with renewed hope. This flowing water signifies the rebirth and renewal of life.

The water cycle ensures that water is kept on moving around the planet sometimes depriving areas, as in the case of deserts, but most of the time replenishing the planet.

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