The human body is a remarkably beautiful piece of engineering work, both inside and out. It is to be admired, understood and looked after well and only then does it serve it’s true purpose by delivering it’s full potential ability.

Structure of the Human Body

As we have to spend our entire lifetime living inside our body, it makes sense that we may as well be kind and considerate towards it, instead of taking it for granted. Even though our body may appear rather ordinary and even plain looking to many of us who do not have biological understanding, there is so much involved behind the scenes.

The Basic Human Body Systems

The human body is in fact a complex structure, made up of several layers of integrated body systems. There are eleven basic features within the layered body structure to make it complete.

The Body

The Body

  1. Skeletal
  2. Muscular
  3. Nervous
  4. Lymphatic and Immune
  5. Endocrine
  6. Respiratory
  7. Digestive
  8. Urinary
  9. Reproductive
  10. Cardiovascular
  11. Skin, hair and nails
It is important to understand these basic structures in order to keep them functioning properly. Each of these systems are vital elements. They work both independently as well as forming a superb web of integration for the body.
Understanding and Looking After the Human Body 

When you treat your body with the respect it deserves by feeding it well as well as resting and exercising appropriately, you will look and feel beautiful right the way through to the core of your very being. Good treatment of the physical aspect of yourself leads partly towards a well balanced and satisfying lifestyle. So appreciate the physical aspect of yourself by treating your body like a temple. Consider the following two points:

  1. Accept your body for whatever shape, size or form it comes in. It is an important inheritance. Be grateful for it and it will respond favourably.
  2. Try to learn the basic mechanics of how your body works as education allows you to make better and informed choices about any health issues. You can then also learn to overcome your physical weaknesses.
The Human Body Systems

The Human Body Systems

For those who suffer from an illness, you are probably very aware of that particular part of your body according to what doctors have advised you. It is likely that you have carried out personal research to improve your health.

The type of food we eat has a great impact on our health overall. We need to consistently eat a balanced diet and the right amount of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy.

Vitamins Chart             Minerals Chart              Water             Eat the Rainbow

Although we have fairly good basic understanding of ourselves, researchers are continuously updating this information as our understanding expands and improves.

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