Putting Your Life On Hold For Someone Else

That’s right we have all done it! Just admit it! Many of us, and that is a vast majority of women have put their lives on hold for something or other, usually a person dare I say. We do it because we want to be a saint or a saviour or something more that is beyond our own comprehension.

Time Is Precious

Time Is Precious so Don’t Waste It On Someone Else

To Please Or Not To Please A Spouse

I personally put my life on hold to please my spouse for years. I always used to think and plan according to when my partner and I would have the time to be happy – that day of course never came. Firstly, we were dreadfully unhappy in each other’s company so we would do other things to keep so busy so as not to bump into each other even as an accident.

Secondly, when we did have the time for each other, we realised how unhappy we really were and eventually separated and went our own ways. He found happiness with someone else while I carried on waiting thinking he might come back. It took quite a while for me to my senses and realised that not only had I wasted time in a bad marriage but I further wasted time waiting for him to come home after the marriage had quite evidently broken down.

One thing I have learnt for sure and that is – you will NEVER and I repeat NEVER get back that wasted time you neatly put on hold for the sake of someone else! I refuse to waste any more of my precious time for the sake of anybody now. I live my life by doing the things that give me pleasure while at the same time remaining responsible in the way I live my life.

So get up, pick up the remote control and un-pause yourself by pressing the play button. What exactly are you waiting for? Get on with it! If you want to achieve something in your life then the only thing to do is to go and get it in a way that is not harmful to you or other people. Take action after careful thought about the direction you wish to move towards.

Stop wasting whatever precious time you have left. Set a time limit and go for it No ifs buts, should etc. What do you want? What is standing in your way? If you are making excuses – you are the obstacle – so kindly remove your negative objections and get on with it! Free yourself of the emotional chains that bind you.

It is one thing to wait patiently, but when someone is walking all over you then put an end to it straight away! Remember that it is you who is allowing that person to walk all over you. You will know that you have done the right thing because the feeling will be right. Your heart tells it to you just right so listen up and do this thing right. So get up and fight if you need your light.

Otherwise sit right back down and keep yourself on pause or hold or whatever you want it to be at a snail’s pace maybe. Make excuses because everything will be alright in the end because when you look back many years to come all you will be thinking about is the wasted time and what you could have done but of course it will be too late then a life has been undone!

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