Ms April Showers Mission Statement:

Ms April Showers

Ms April Showers

The aim of MsAprilShowers.com is to raise self-awareness by spreading words of knowledge, information and inspiration for the mind, body and soul at every level. Furthermore, to encapsulate and understand our inner strengths and the beauty within us to shine brightly through as well as our wisdom to help overcome all the difficulties we experience.

By nurturing our mind body and soul, it is possible to achieve inner fulfilment and happiness. To make sense of the differences in cultural influences, I have explored different ideologies from the ancient to the modern, regarding the mind body and soul.

Live Life with Love

Live Life with Love

Live Life with Love 

Inspiration behind the Mind Body and Soul Website and Blog

I began working on this website after several major life changing events awoke me from my dazed lifestyle. Instead of being afraid of the massive changes, I decided to face the obstacles head on and change my attitude towards the lemons thrown at me by life.

Follow my personal research into the development of the mind, body and soul in the course of your lifetime. Become a success by making subtle changes within yourself to deal with all the difficulties thrown at you.

About MsAprilShowers.com Website and Blog:

I have broken down the 3 words Ms April Showers to signify and relate to the title words the Mind, Body and Soul experience in the following ways:

M (Ms) is for Mind: Knowledge for the Mind as well as psychological and philosophical approaches to the Mind

A (April) is for Anatomy: Information for the Body as anatomy is better known as the physical aspect of the Body

S (Showers) for Soul: Inspiration for the Soul because there is a beauty within your depths known as the Soul

How to use MsAprilShowers.com:

Ms April Showers

Ms April Showers

Go to the HOME page for the latest post. Select one of the categories located in the right column or type in the subject of your choice in the Search box, located in the top right hand corner of the website. Alternatively, you can visit the SITEMAP page to view all the posts ever published on this website.

I hope that you enjoy your experience on this website and if there is anything which strikes you as particularly useful and enjoyable and you would like to share with others, please feel free to do so and remember to refer with a link back to this website. In this way we can help to spread self-knowledge, understanding as well as the message of kindness and love to everyone.

MsAprilShowers.com is a supporter of the following charities:

1. CLAPA – Cleft Lip and Pallet Association

2. NSPCC – Cruelty to children must stop. FULL STOP

MsAprilShowers.com Mind Body & Soul is constantly updated with new content.

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