Understanding Other People through Active Listening

Ralph Nichols Quote

Ralph Nichols Quote

“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” – Ralph Nichols

One of the most neglected senses is listening. On the surface it may appear that listening is a very easy thing to do but ask a true listener and you will find that this is one of the hardest things to do without projecting your own ideas.

Usually when someone speaks to us, we think we are listening and indeed most of the time we may be listening. But how much of the time are we actually listening interactively by fully understanding what the other person is saying? When people speak there is so much we can understand about them and help them and comfort them with just our positive words.

Unfortunately, much of the time when we think we are listening, we are actually actively thinking about the response we will give the other person, either before they have finished speaking or just as their last words of the sentence have left their mouth. This is when we may pound with our opinion or “wonderful” advice!

There are basically two types of models which illustrate your ability to listening:

  1. The first one is when you pay attention and use phrases like “uh huh”, “right” etc. You resist the urge to barge in and help the other person resolve the problem. Instead you patiently allow the other person to understand what they are saying which they then feel better about afterwards as they feel that someone has actually heard them. It allows them to draw their own conclusions about where they are headed and to find a solution to their problems by themselves.
  2. The second one is when you repeat back to the person using different wordings to indicate that you are indeed listening at a level you understand the other person. This second form of listening has the added benefit of clearing up any misunderstandings that may arise during the communication process. For instance if someone says “I hate her”, you say: “You are angry”. They may answer “no, I am upset, not angry”. Following this type of acknowledgement listening, although you are interactive with the person you are listening to, the other person who is being listened to is given the choice to remain in control of where the conversation is headed.

People have a fundamental need to connect with others and if you, simply as a listener, fulfill that need, you are growing and contributing to the good things in life by passing on positive vibes of energy in the world.

When engaging in active listening, pay attention to the type of words the speaker is using and you are able to get involved in their world and understand their meaning at a deeper level. This will allow you to understand the thoughts behind their actions even to understand why they do the things they do, especially when they talk about the past.

The more you actively listen to people with skill, you will find that people begin to put their trust in you more and more and seek your company without you even trying. When we are in love we pay attention to every detail of the person of our desire. So if we treat each person with the respect they deserve chances are they will reciprocate that respect and pay you the same attention when you need it the most.

In some cases if we are being criticised, we may already have our defences up and what the other person says is not really listened to. This is when we actually need to listen especially attentively if only to question our own vanity and inner prejudice.

When you listen carefully to the other person’s nasty comments, it is actually a projection of their own negative thoughts and preconceived prejudices and there is usually a lack of confidence in such people. Underneath it all there is pain. You almost feel sorry for them when you can see these people under such microscopic conditions. It makes them feel better to belittle someone else.

But you can also ask yourself carefully and allow the defence system to gently shut down when you think over why that person is speaking to you in a manner you do not like. Although nobody deserves to be treated in a nasty way, ask that fundamental question, did you do something to ignite the anger of the other person which is why they are speaking to you in a manner you despise? Use this as a learning experience to either ignore people like this or to handle people in a different manner next time.

How about the change you make reflects that you simply listen and visualise the situation the other person is relating instead of imposing your own thoughts. You will remain gripped in their story and forget your own troubles.

So the next time you are with someone just resolve to listen to them properly instead of talking over them or advising them. You will be able to relate to them and find out who they truly are just from what they say. Becoming fully involved in their world, even for a while, makes all the difference.

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Lymphatic and Immune System of the Human Body

The Lymphatic and Immune system of the human body work closely together to protect the body from external germs as well as internal threats such as cancer. This system is also known as the lymph system and consists of lymph nodes, vessels, organs and ducts which work together firstly to filter the waste product better known as toxins.

The lymphatic system also carries lymph from the cells and tissues to the bloodstream, finally taking this waste to be disposed by the kidneys and the colon. It is also known as the body’s drainage system.

Lymphatic and Immune System

Lymphatic and Immune System

The Lymphatic and Immune Components Comprise of the Following:

  • Lymph Nodes – also known as “glands” and are a vital form of defence. Although concentrated in groups such as under the armpits, they can be found scattered throughout the body.
  • Lymph Vessels – Also known as lymphatics, this is where the lymph fluid is transported to and from the lymph nodes.
  • Lymph Organs –  – (Sinew) connects muscles to the bones
  • Lymph Ducts – Filter waste product known as toxins
  • White Blood Cells – There are various types produced in the bone marrow and are also known as leucocytes. They help in fighting infections.
  • The Lymph Fluid is very important as it is transported throughout this system from cells and tissues into the bloodstream. In turn this fluid is processed in the kidney and colon organs, ensuring that waste products and toxins are flushed out of the body.

There are 3 Types of Immunity:

1. Passive: A type of immunity which is usually a temporary form of borrowing from the mother through her milk, and does not last long. It gives protection against the types of diseases the mother has been exposed to, allowing immunity through early stages of life.

2. Adaptive: This type of immunity as the name suggests is adaptive thus allowing the immunity to develop over a lifetime, for example building up against a disease or immunization.

3. Innate: As the name suggests this is the immunity we are born with. On a general level it is a protection for a specific species. The outer barriers of immunity include: skin, mucous membranes of nose and throat etc.

Immune System Disorders:

  1. Cancers
  2. Autoimmune Disorders
  3. Allergic Disorders
  4. Immune Deficiency Disorders

The Lymphatic system plays a vital role in the defence of the body’s immune system and as such serves to protect the body from alien germs and diseases. This system particularly has to deal with the waste produced by the cells as the body processes the food.

As a clear liquid type of substance, the lymph fluid is an active part of the lymph system. In severe cases where it does not function properly, illnesses such as a cold, flu and infection arise. Sometimes worse illnesses can arise as result of a poor immune system. These poor health issues are an indication of a weak lymphatic system which has become congested.

When waste does not flush out of the system properly, it may build up and cause some type of disease so to avoid this clogging up of waste, it is imperative that the lymph system works effectively and remains healthy.

The lymphatic system can often become clogged thus causing blockages. This happens when there is a build-up of waste material being retained within the body over a period of time. The clogging becomes physically apparent when the lymph nodes are felt under the armpits as lumps under the skin. This is one of the signs that the system needs to be cleared. It is this system which helps to cleanse the rest of the body in its entirety.

The lymph nodes process the lymph fluid, cleaning it thoroughly. Swollen nodes indicate that a fight against an infection. Upon being cleaned by the nodes the lymph fluid is ready to enter the blood stream again.

Healthy Immune System:

To keep the Lymph system healthy, it is important to maintain a balanced diet which includes on a basic level the following which also serves as methods of detoxing the Lymphatic System:

Drink plenty of water, eliminate caffeine drinks and tobacco as well as other harmful type of substances, exercising regularly on a weekly basis, carrying out stress free activities, intake of high fibre foods instead of processed foods and indulging in enough sleep to keep you rejuvenated.

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More Information: health.howstuffworks.com | www.innerbody.com

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May Poem – May in Bloom

April Showers bring May Flowers

April Showers bring May Flowers

A Poem for the Month of May

May is so beautiful: 
Orchards are fair; 
Branches of fruit trees 
Make gardens of air.

Flowers of fragrance 
Bloom in the light; 
Fall like the snowflakes 
Showering white.

Orchards of heaven 
Grow with a grace, 
And like a blessing 
Perfume the place.

Each tree in blossom, 
Each lovely spray, 
In this month of Our Lady, 
Bring glory to May.

Poem by Helen Maring – The Magnificat 1941

Poem from: campus.udayton.edu | Background Image Source:1.bp.blogspot.com

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