Overcoming Fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” –  Originally said by Francis Bacon and later used by Franklin D Roosevelt in his inauguration speech.

Reality of the Emotion Fear

Reality of the Emotion Fear

Fearing Fear

As the quotes in the image show, it is not always the things we perceive that are a threat to us, it is in fact the underlying interpretation of the images we have in our mind, combined with our personal past experiences that allow the fear to fester. Fear grows in the mind when we allow our imagination to take over. Which is a shame really, such a wonderful thing is imagination as it can take us to wonderful places, away from all the grim reality and unhappiness that life can inflict on us. Yet we choose to use this wonderful gift of the imagination and visualization to haunt ourselves with scary images, so in effect we serve to scare ourselves.

Fear Broken Down

Veer Sharma quite cleverly broke the word fear down to the following simple components: FEAR:

If you remind yourself of this each time your fear begins to take root, you will be able to disentangle yourself from the spiral that can suck you into the hole of fear.

Experiences of Fear

Recently I have been making further changes to my own lifestyle. One of the objectives is to confront all my fears one at a time. The interesting aspect is that the more I familiarise myself with a fear and expose myself to it the less afraid I become. In fact as my confidence grows I become more positive and find myself in a better position to confront my other fears! How wonderful is that? Although I still have a long way to go, at least I am trying and stepping in the right direction.

So my new thing is to try something each day that I am in fear of or dislike. I have taken a chance and with that leap of faith, I have made the conscious decision to trust my higher self. Whatever I do, I cannot go wrong because my soul knows it will lead me in the right direction. And the mistakes I am so afraid of making? well then that is part of my learning curve. With it I shall overcome my fear and any obstacle in my way. At least I know I will have tried instead of wishing and dreaming of an alternative lifestyle.

From these mistakes I have learnt to live a better life and to empathise and develop an understanding of other people helping me to become more tolerant of those around me.

Remember one thing – fear is all in the mind. Master it and you have conquered the world.

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The Emotion of Fear

Fear is described by many researchers such as Watson, Plutchik and Ekman as one of a handful of prime emotions. As such, it has a great impact on the way we live our lives. Fear is the deciding influence on whether we accomplish what we set out.

Fearing Fear

Sometimes we are too afraid to even attempt our true desires for the fear of failure. Fear is also an emotion which when allowed to build-up without treatment can lead to mental health problems such as anxieties and phobias, thus affecting our quality of life.

So, on a physical level – what exactly is fear?

When we perceive a threat, for the most part, the emotion of fear accurately helps us to identify threat and our body undergoes various altered states of physiology body to gear it up so that you are in apposition to escape or fight whatever it is that scares you. This state is optimal for the body to react as fast as it can. This is the physiology behind it.

Fear begins when we see something stressful.  This stressful stimulus can be anything from being as tiny as a spider right through to a huge tiger. The body response is the same regardless of how big or small the threat actually is.

The feeling of fear inside of us is as real even if it is artificially created within the safe confines of a cinema hall. The physical response to the threat of danger is immediate. The physical experience of fear is that our heart begins to race fast, our muscles become energetic and we begin fast paced breathing. When we experience strong fear to the extent of horror or terror, this causes the extreme response of freezing.


So, when something fearful happens to us, the fight or flight response kicks in. We become physically strong when adrenaline is pumped into our body to either allow us to “fight” by taking on the opposition or take “flight” by running away from the situation to protect ourselves.

However, in today’s terms, for the people who live in the urban areas, fear can be a stress factor rather than helping to protect us. It actually can chip away at our health, causing various illnesses to build up as a result of the continuous strain on our nerves.

When we feel fear, time is played out slowly in our minds and during those few valuable moments to size up the opponent or stimulus causing risk all our senses are heightened and we take in as much information of our surroundings as possible so that it embeds properly into our memory bank and we use this memory bank of fear items for the next time we face a similar stimulus.

Fear does not only help to protect us but also serves to cause further undue stress on our nerves when overplayed in our minds. This of course leads to ill health.

Finally, it is up to us to use the emotion of fear to its best effect.

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What is Love? by Aneela Shad

What is Love Poem

What is Love Poem

Being a poet, people often ask me, About this beautiful secret ‘Tell us what is it? What is this love after all?’ I smile and say:

When you offer some of your own drinking water to a thirsty person to quench his/her thirst…is love!

When you bring a drowning person to the shore…is also love!

A tiny sacrifice for someone…is love!

When you have the liberty to disclose all the secrets but you chose to stay quiet considering another person’s vulnerability …is love!

Somewhere when you pick up a kitten that is soaked under rain and you bring it to your house for a little while…..is love!

When a sparrow makes a way into your room by chance and you help it see the way out….is love!

When you share some one’s sorrows, wipe away the tears of the one who is crying…is love!

Sweet words, sweet gesture, sweet talk…what is all this?….  is love!

Love is not just only to be lost in some one’s memories or to sway in his/her fragrance

Love has thousands of colours and millions of symbols!

In whichever colour it exists….it owns me!

It takes a shine to my heart!

It takes a shine to my heart!

Poem by Aneela Shad

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