Overcoming Lust as One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Referring to my original post about the 7 deadly sins, the first of the great sins is known as LUST. In the post, “Origins of the Seven Deadly Sins”, I described LUST as:

Lust – Latin: Luxuria, Animal: Cow, Colour: Blue

Lust is a strong desire to be with someone. It is a powerful motivator. It is not the same as love. Lust is not being aware of the consequences of your desire. The act of lust can cause danger.

Lust as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Lust as 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

So what exactly is LUST?

According to the definition above, lust is an obsession based around an individual seeking personal pleasure and gratification without thought to how it may affect other people. Lust does not have to be sexual in nature, but all too often it is associated with sexuality. This is because lust is most often associated with a craving for bodily pleasure.

Various Definitions of Lust:

  • Strong unrealistic yearning for something
  • When craving becomes desperate and excessive
  • Uncontrolled sexual desire bordering on lecherous
  • A passionate and intense desire
  • Strong and intense sexual desire

Why is Lust classed as a sin and by whom?

In religious terms, lust is a sinful longing, originating and residing in the heart. The heart of course represents the essence of man. Lust can therefore, according to Christian teachings, erode the soul, as it affects deeply the morality of man.

Lust compared to other emotions of love and greed

Lust can be better understood when compared to other positive emotions such as like and love. In itself lust is almost the complete opposite of love, just as hate is considered the opposite of love. Lust contradicts love in terms of the motives behind what you will do to achieve what you want.

Where love motivates you to do almost anything, even at your own expense for the person you desire, lust motivates you to do almost anything for your personal gain and desire. In this context, lust is closely related to greed, which is an undesirable factor when it comes to nurturing the soul.

Many religious scriptures, of all backgrounds, suggest that the way to overcome lust is to concentrate on the needs of others, this way your heart becomes filled with love instead of selfish needs of desire leading to lustful yearning.

Overcoming Lust: 

  • Consider the real differences between love and lust and think about what you want for the long term future. Lust is usually a short term intense desperate craving which can be confused for love. Do you want to feel the security of gentle love which grows and nurtures your soul or the vanity and emptiness of lust which only serves to leave you feeling deflated as your personal unrealistic fantasy can never really be fulfilled.
  • Allow your intelligence to take over when you are filled with desire. Connect with your inner self and cultivate good relationships for the long term instead of thinking short term fulfillment of unrealistic desires. By allowing your common sense to take over, you are allowing your soul the respect you deserve.
  • Keep the appropriate company with real people, getting to know them as warm personalities instead of focusing on their body parts. This is not to say that you cannot admire parts of a body but if you know that this will become an obsession which may spiral out of control, then actively seek to focus on the personality of the person you fantasize about.
  • Following on from the point of other people, instead of flirting, if this is your tendency, try to get to know the real person. Flirting itself is simply a fleeting action and gives rise to unrealistic expectations for the other person to be your dream figure instead of allowing them to be the person they really are.
  • Avoid Pornography – It portrays men and women as sexual objects of desire instead of warm people you can love. After all, if you wish to be loved for who and what you are, so do the people in the imagery you seek to fulfil your unrequited desire. You can never compare to the air brushed imagery – because that is exactly what it is – airbrushed.
  • If your feelings of lust become overpowering, direct this passion towards a useful hobby instead of sexual craving. When properly targeted, this intense type of lust can become a useful passion, especially if it is geared towards creating something you have always desired. Devotion towards a useful passionate hobby serves positively in that your creative side becomes more active thus allowing you to succeed in your chosen field rather than as fuel for your own selfishness.

So with all this information you are now ready to use your lust is a positive way.

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A Glint of Light

When I look away, I notice something bright,

A glint of light reflected in your eyes.

Could it be sorrow or delight, sparkling a rainbow in the light?

A teardrop full of drama that we call life

In my lifetime I have seen much, but nothing prepared me for this rush

Time to return what was given to me

Once an object of desire, now simply cast aside unable to bear

My life, my terms, my love and of course my dreams

Give me my love and I will persevere

All those burdens were difficult to bear.

Take your troubles far from here.

A feeling of freedom wraps around me and

A smile which spreads from ear to ear

This is my space and there is nothing to compare

A vast openness with no despair

Here I stand and here I will go

Nothing between me and my shadow

Praying for time, hopeful and divine

Clouded away and bathed in a beautiful shine.

My life is good I dare say, covered in deceit is all away

Take these lies and serve them to someone else

For me they have lost their meaning along with your promises

All worthless and useless – so keep their fill

With love on my mind I endured you still

Keep walking away now, far to the hill

Never looking back in time for it is frozen still.

By Ms April Showers

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How Sitting too Long Affects the Body

Sitting too long Affects the Body

Sitting too long Affects the Body

Sitting for long periods affects specific parts of the Body

Head – Blood clots that form after sitting too rigidly can travel to the brain, causing strokes.

Neck – Fluid retained in the legs during the day moves to the neck at night and contributes to obstructive sleep apnea.

Lungs – In individuals who experience heart failure, fluid first backs up in the lungs.

Heart – A sedentary lifestyle contributes to cardiovascular disease. In people who suffer from heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea, fluid collects in the lungs and neck at night.

Arms – Physical activity reduces the risk of hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Stomach – Sitting too much contributes to obesity and colon cancer. Enzymes in the blood vessels of muscles responsible for burning fat get shut off, and the body’s method of metabolizing fuels such as glucose and lipids gets disturbed.

Legs – Fluid collects in the legs during sitting. Walking helps pump it out before it causes problems.

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