Inspiring Quotes for Strong Women

Women have been depicted in literature in many different ways. In reality, women can be strong and powerful, especially once they emerge from their nutshells. Although depicted as the weaker sex, a woman is not always the victim. In fact it has been suggested that behind every successful man is a woman.

Be a Woman a Man Needs

Be a Woman a Man Needs

– Men seem to need a woman more than a woman needs them.

– Through thick and thin, the female figure evolves in her lifetime to become a powerful force in her own right.

– A woman uses her inner strength as a daughter, sister, wife and ultimately the mother figure to inspire and to protect those around her.

Empowering quotes to inspire women from all walks of life:

“To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman. If by strength is meant brute strength, then, indeed, is woman less brute than man. If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior. Has she not greater intuition, is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater powers of endurance, has she not greater courage? Without her, man could not be. If nonviolence is a law of our being, the future is with woman. Who can make a more effective appeal to the heart than a woman?” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? – I have as much soul as you, – and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you!” – Charlotte Bronte from the novel JANE EYRE

“A woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.” – Margaret Sanger

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t.” – Rhonda Hansome

Princess Diana Quote

Princess Diana Quote

“People think at the end of the day that a man is the only answer [to fulfilment]. Actually a job is better for me.” – Princess Diana

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” – Clare Boothe Luce

“I want to do is because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others.” – Amelia Earhart

“I like to go out there like a strong woman, because I am strong. But I am also a woman who goes through all kinds of problems and highs and lows.” – Katy Perry

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” – Caroline Myss

A Woman is like a Tea Bag Quote

A Woman is like a Teabag Quote

“A woman is like a teabag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.” – Mary Wollstonecraft

“Women are made to be loved, not understood.” – Oscar Wilde

“The thing that women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” – Rosanne Barr

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A Reflection Of Who You Are

Have you ever thought about the image you portray to the world? I came across the story below which I believe highlights a very good example of what happens to the image we portray and the type of energy this image emits. It is a reflection of who we are. The image we portray to the world is reflected back at us all the time, throughout the day, as we go about our daily business.

A reflection of your own image:

A story of two dogs showing reflection

A story of two dogs showing reflection

There is a story they tell of two dogs. 

Both at separate times walk into the same room.

One comes out wagging his tail while the other comes out growling.

A woman watching this goes into the room to see what possibly could make one dog so happy and the other so mad.

To her surprise she finds a room filled with mirrors.

The happy dog found a thousand happy dogs smiling back at him while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him.

The reflection story demonstrates how:

  • What you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are.
  • Positive energy verses negative energy. So if you want good energy to come your way, then give out good energy and it will bounce right back at you.
  • On the contrary, if you want negative energy to be reflected back at you, then just give out bad energy yourself.
  • So unless you want to be bombarded with negativity all the time, perhaps it is time to take a good look in the mirror.
  • If you are happy with the image you see of a beautiful radiant smile that you would like to be greeted with from other people then stay with it.
  • If you see a frown and unhappiness, then perhaps you seriously need to consider if you will receive positive energy from other people.

So try to show the world a good positive image and it will be reflected back at you like a ray of light.

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12 Steps to Self-Care

12 Steps to Self-Care Image

12 Steps to Self-Care Image

Take these twelve basic steps to lovingly care for yourself:

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it

Your unconscious mind tells you through your feelings if something is beneficial for you or not. Quite simply – if it feels wrong then refrain from doing it. All too often we find ourselves in compromising situations, usually with the nearest and dearest people who emotionally blackmail us into doings we are not entirely happy with. When this happens take a step back and take your time before refusing. Remind yourself that you have this right.

2. Say “exactly” what you mean

Sometimes our language can let us down as our communication level can be poor for whatever reason. So say what you really mean so that there is no doubt in other person’s mind where you are headed. Do not keep yourself in doubt. Try to be as articulate as you can.

3. Don’t be a people pleaser

When we please other people at the expense of displeasing our inner soul, we remain unhappy. Remember that you have to live with yourself at the end of the day and not with the person you have chosen to please at the expense of your own happiness. If you find yourself in a compromising situation remind yourself that you as a person come first.

4. Trust your instincts

Your instincts guide you to live a better life. If you go against your gut feelings then you are refusing the help of your higher self which knows what is best for you and is always guiding you to a better more fulfilled life. That feeling you ignore will continue to haunt you like a ghost until you face it.

5. Never speak bad about yourself

You blow your own trumpet – after all nobody else will do it for you. When you speak ill of yourself you are allowing other people a crack into your weakness. You are in effect discrediting yourself which puts other people off trusting you. Give yourself the credit that you deserve.

6. Never give up on your dreams

Your dreams are your future direction. When you lose sight of them you lose a sight of your future path. Your mind is giving you something to look forward to. You strive towards this. Your dreams allow you to escape your mundane life as well.

7. Don’t be afraid to say “No”

This is very closely linked to the “people-pleaser”. Use this word “no” when you really need to. Otherwise people will weigh you down with whatever they can. If you keep saying yes to everything, you will end up doing a lot of things you are unhappy with.

8. Don’t be afraid to say “Yes”

This one is for those who are afraid to try something new in life. Saying “no” to everything all the time closes doors on many opportunities. Sometimes it is beneficial to be ambition and say “yes” if you wish to bring positive changes into your life. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of a “yes”.

9. Be kind to yourself

Kindness begins at home. All too often we tend to be kind to others but neglect ourselves. When we are kind to other people they feel happy – so why can we not feel happiness ourselves by being kind to ourselves?

10. Let go of what you can’t control

For the control freaks – and we have all been there! When you learn to relax and let everything happen around you as nature intended, you are achieving a closer connection with your higher sense of self. Sometimes horrible changes happen around us that we do not like – but you know what? if we trust that things will turn out for the best – they usually do – no matter how long it takes.

11. Stay away from drama and negativity

The younger we are the more caught up in emotional drama we get. Learn to step away from all the drama and view it all with a degree of detachment. The more drama we indulge in, the more negativity we allow into our lives. Drama can play havoc with our emotional states, mentally as well as physically. So choose to walk away from drama and negativity.

12. LOVE

Love is an emotion which fuels the positive state of life. By comparison, fear is an opposite emotion and encourages negative feelings to grow. When you love everything and everyone for what they are and sometimes it can be hard, you accept and become non-judgmental and relaxed because you feel happiness and acceptance.

These are some the basics to living a calm and stress free life. Begin at home by treating yourself well and others will follow suit and before you know it, you will have achieved your successful full potential aims in life.

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