Parrott’s Classification of Emotions Chart

There are numerous theories and classifications of emotions from many different researchers. One of the best known is Parrott in the research of emotions.

Parrott’s 2001 theory of Emotions

W. Gerrod Parrott devised a 2001 theory consisting of a tree type structured list leading to the classification of deeper emotions. This categorisation list includes over 100 emotions – classified as shown in the chart below:

Parrott's Chart of Emotions

Parrott’s Chart of Emotions

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Male and Female Dictionary

So as a woman or the man, you both don’t speak the same language? You actually want to understand each other but your use of language is the main barrier?

Well, hang in there as there’s no need to despair! – you can refer to the ultimate male and female dictionary to help you translate the deeper meaning of each other’s words.

The reference chart below is one that any self-respecting man or woman can have to hand in their pocket or purse for the pure enjoyment of a more peaceful and harmonious lifestyle together.

So enjoy and understand the definite dictionary guide to the true meaning of what your significant other is really talking about.

Male and Female Dictionary

Male and Female Dictionary

Image Source for Male and female Dictionary:

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You May Knock Me Down

You may knock me down, but you cannot keep me there

You may infiltrate my personal life, but you cannot stay here

You may claim to love me, but you cannot scare

You may deem to be my saviour, but you would never dare

You may be give me whatever you want, but ask yourself if I really care

You may claim to be around now, but your presence remains bare

You may resolve to beat me, but I will never despair

You may hope to reclaim me, but I will never shed a tear

You may pester me, but I shall not remain in fear

You may score points over me, but I shall never declare

You may continue to haunt me, but I shall never let you near….

By Ms April Showers


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